By TayTay - 16/05/2009 07:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I went to a Taylor Swift concert. At the concert they put up a sign that said "Scream if you love country boys." My boyfriend took one look at it and started screaming. FML
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He was probably just having fun.

Like 2 said, maybe he was jokiing...


Like you didn't know he was gay for going to a Taylor Swift concert in the first place.

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lol the first sentence is a fml enough lol

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IDE do that to for fun

ya really how could u not see it comin?

ydi for going to a Taylor swift concert

you obviously knew he was kidding

YDI for making him go

YDI for listening to Taylor Swift.

are you sure it was said "scream if you love country boys!" or did it say "scream if you love country, boys!" ??? bb

punctuation saves lives. :p

So would I. Autoderision is a great virtue!

how long had you been going out? and hope that he was kidding maybe? or if not, that you'd be okay if he was bi or something... but i hope that didn't make the rest of the concert a bad experience for ya... best wishes that things turn out well :)

Fuuck you! Don't hate

Wow you took his joke just a little to seriously....

Your IQ might hit room temperature some day...

He was probably just having fun.

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I know right? wtf that is not an fml

that's what I thought!

Like 2 said, maybe he was jokiing...

i was gonna say exactly the same thing as #1. seriously ...taylor swift

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you choose a gay boyfriend , YDI

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How did you EVER get your boyfriend to go to that with you? My boyfriend and I listen to different music and he would still go to a concert for a band that I like but that's just kind of pushing it. Was he swimming in a sea of fifteen year old girls?

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I'm on the football team. Me, 2 of our 3 captains, the senior qb, and our 6'6, 330 pound D1 prospect are going to her concert later this year.

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#1, agreed, lol. Anyway, maybe he wasn't paying that much attention to the sign?

Hey, it was bound to come out sooner or later. Frankly, you should have seen it coming since he went with you to a Taylor Swift concert. And #8 has a good argument.

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Maybe he thought it meant for boys to scream if they love country... Besides, Taylor Swift is awesome.