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Today, while at a concert, my boyfriend got mad and jealous because I kept looking at the singer instead of him. He still won't talk to me. FML
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Pstraka6 20

I hope he doesn't get mad when you two go see a movie together either

Get out now. His irrational jealous behaviour is a big warning sign that not only does he have low self esteem, he is also an idiot.


oj101 33

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oj101 33

If he breaks up with you, I guess he will be looking for "all the single ladies".

alshygirl 14

Kanye is that you?

Wow, that was BAAAADDDDD

oj101 "imma let you finish in a minute, but Taylor Swift had the best look of all time" said Kanye never

i think she's okay.

Who the fuck stares at their girl/boyfriend during the entire duration of a concert? Her boyfriend is an insecure little bitch.


Im guessing everyones a Rihanna fan here ..

wafflefriez91 17


Say "your looking at the girl in front of you. YOUR CHEATING ON ME!?!?!?!"

you're* YOU'RE*

So, all these people down-voted me because I didn't use correct grammar? It's the Internet people.

you are learning

You're right, this is the internet. A place where people get down voted for bad grammar, and a place where people get down voted for correcting bad grammar.

ViRepz 28

#2, and because your comment wasn't that helpful to the OP.

It's in the past. Would you like me to build a time machine? All these comments of people saying what the op 'should do' will never happen.

39- I just killed a police officer. But it's in the past, so there's no sense in worrying about it. See the fallacy of your argument?

39- don't get all pissy just because you got buried. Happens to everyone.

CaiDog 20

39- Complaining about getting downvotes isn't making anything better. Don't comment if you can't handle it.

ballettillidie 8

Wow I can't believe you'd do that.

Don't people understand sarcasm? You were sarcastic right..?

42- All we can do is hope.

ballettillidie 8

#42 yes it was sarcasm, but people these days don't understand that.

mvc3ftw 17

can we pettition for a sarcasm font/button?

keep trying, maybe he'll get over it?

What? Keep trying what, to look at the singer? he'll get over it when she looks at the singer a lot more? I guess this is just a failed attempt at comforting OP.

is your boyfriend the bassist?

You don't deserve these downvotes.

ViRepz 28

Ye, he deserves more.

good statement #6. I don't understand all the downvotes.

He should of put a ring on it

C'mon. 2nd grade shit right here. Really... REALLY? Should *have*

Unless the singer Was your ex , he should shut up and deal with it. The singer Isn't the first or last guy ull look at

I'm quite sure she'd look at the singer even if he was her ex considering he's one of the fucking stars of the concert. Derrrrr

Get out now. His irrational jealous behaviour is a big warning sign that not only does he have low self esteem, he is also an idiot.

I wish I could like this more than once.

In many cases yes you should talk to your partner, however in this one I'm agreeing with the get out now deal. irrational jealousy and the silent treatment are very large red flags. Not only does he expect all her attention and get jealous over a very minor issue he's also attempting to manipulate the situation and make her feel bad by not talking to her. That can be a dangerous mix.

so if your boyfriend was staring at another girl you wouldnt even get slightly be jealous or say anything?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I don't know about you but generally when I'm at a concert, I tend to pay attention to the band playing. ..

You're an idiot. Probably just as bad is this insecure week minded jack hole. She shouldn't put herself though a controlling abusive relationship, and he should get philological help.

Philological? I believe it's "philosophical"; yet you were looking for "psychological". Whip your autocorrect into shape, please. I philosophize that you will will be rewarded with upward thumbs :)

Wow...just wow I have nothing else to say just wow

Shut up...just shut up. I have nothing else to say just shut up.

euphoricness 28

This FML must be the one to have the most burried comments, that really intrigues me.

Pstraka6 20

I hope he doesn't get mad when you two go see a movie together either

This is the first comment not buried. I'll probably be buried also for stating this.

"Babe really? Like seriously you're going to just stare at Tom Cruise while I'm right here next to you?"