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By  oj101  |  33

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By  tehman117  |  21

Say "your looking at the girl in front of you. YOUR CHEATING ON ME!?!?!?!"

  jococo7787  |  3

What? Keep trying what, to look at the singer? he'll get over it when she looks at the singer a lot more? I guess this is just a failed attempt at comforting OP.


In many cases yes you should talk to your partner, however in this one I'm agreeing with the get out now deal. irrational jealousy and the silent treatment are very large red flags. Not only does he expect all her attention and get jealous over a very minor issue he's also attempting to manipulate the situation and make her feel bad by not talking to her. That can be a dangerous mix.

  mike307  |  11

You're an idiot. Probably just as bad is this insecure week minded jack hole. She shouldn't put herself though a controlling abusive relationship, and he should get philological help.


Philological? I believe it's "philosophical"; yet you were looking for "psychological".

Whip your autocorrect into shape, please. I philosophize that you will will be rewarded with upward thumbs :)