By Anonymous / Saturday 31 October 2009 16:47 / United States
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By  Keefster  |  0

First? Idk. Anyway, your pretty materialistic. As long as he loves you, i dont see the problemo.

Dont fret about wedding or picture-perfect proposals. your life will be full of stress


Hell yes, #58! Of course it matters. Women appreciate a little romance, a little thoughtfulness. He could have put SOME care into his proposal. A proposal doesn't always have to be over a candle-lit dinner with the 4-karat ring hidden in the cake, but he could at least take her for a walk on the beach or something. Is she such a bad person for wanting him to set the mood for such an important question? Presentation makes a world of difference. Typical male, wanting to put in as little effort as possible.


just like every female in existence, you will want your wedding to be exactly what you want, scream if you don't get it, and expect the most expensive ring in the store. You will then blame sexism on the fact that everyone thinks your a bitch


#81: Something tells me you'll never get married O_o. Hope not. Your poor girlfriend, being proposed to during a commercial break with a "Wanna get hitched?" instead of a ring.

And for your information, I haven't even read Twilight.

  quarty165  |  0

guys, give #88 a break. While it is true that as long as there is love it shouldn't matter, the fact that he proposed at a taco place makes one wonder how much he really cares, hence how much love there really is. I think that's the concern. If he's really poor and can't afford anything else, they probably don't go out much and it can still be special. But it seems more like it was a thought between bites of taco.

  TheLoneWolf87  |  4

And FYI, #66 something tells me that your an ugly shebeast living with your mother and since your so damn hideous when someone lays eyes on you they scream" LORD HAVE MERCY" You take your feelings of lonesomeness and become an antidude shetroll.

Btw I have a girlfriend who isn't a pissed off feminazi. :/

Before I go The only thing you can target with a penis and an IQ less than 3 is you.


I have a feeling 91 hates all men because they have never cared (And never will care) about her. Mainly because she is probably a bitchy, ugly person, but also because of these hateful feelings. She will probably never get married, and she is full of hatred instead of trying to fix herself. And the OP needs to remember what is important in life. I mean damn, he just proposed to you and all you think about is how it could be better.


And 93, seriously? You have never just felt spontatneous before? Sometimes you just know man, maybe this guy isnt into planning for weeks about how to propose, but cares about her so much, he just wants to propose as quick as possible. Really, a large part of life is split second decisions, but the fact that this lady put her proposal on FML worries me. For the guy.

  StarElise  |  0

Fuck Me, I'm Famous is a club night at Pacha in Ibiza which David Guetta is the resident DJ.

So its not him being a dick, its him having impecible taste in club nights.

  jellyrcw11  |  10

no, that's not a feminazi. That's just a regular woman who has expectations. I mean seriously, that kind of proposal is not exactly something you'd scream "Yes!" at the top of your lungs at unless you have like no standards.

  tbj42409  |  0

um it does matter where a proposal is placed at. he obviously didn't think to hard on it and probably didn't think at all. I don't think he should be getting married since there is no obvious sign of maturity. you have to think marriage through if you want to stay with one person your entire life, and that starts with the proposal.

  HookEmTexas07  |  0

Why? Because he proposed to her in an atypical way? So the fuck what if it wasn't at a five-star restaurant with candlesticks and a fucking grand piano playing in the background? Isn't the fact that he cares enough for her to propose enough?
If OP said no then she's a selfish bitch and the guy would be lucky not to hitch himself up to such a needy woman.

By  screwthat  |  0

I would rather go for an honest and understanding guy proposing me in this scenario than an asshole who dressed up for the occassion n spent tons of money on it, but cheated on me later. If the only reason you are considering this an fml is because of the way he was dressed n the location, seriously, get real, you shld be glad that you got a proposal and learn to appreciate the feelings behind the gesture. If this guy is a jerk or a bad choice then it makes sense that its an fml

  willothwisp  |  0

They are, guys just come in with their preconceived notions and overlook it. We shouldn't have to tell you to stop treating us like girls and handling us with kid gloves or lying to us about why you are late ect.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I love you too? Just don't be like mistercoffee.

Also, I wouldn't advise showing up at my house uninvited. I live in Tennessee, where we shoot every living thing on our property.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

It was a joke. But it wasn't a huge exaggeration. People get killed or hurt all the time in Tennessee for stupid reasons. The stereotype isn't that far from true.

  Tevokkia  |  0

Who says you don't care if you don't propose in a nice restaurant? I certainly wasn't proposed to in a nice restaurant, and I know my husband loves me very much.

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