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Today, my 6 year old daughter asked me if the tooth fairy was real. I said yes, and she said she wanted to try to catch her. Later, she pulled out a tooth and put it under her pillow. I came in to take out the tooth and replace it with money. There were mouse traps behind her pillow. FML
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olliec 0

Smart kid. haha

Soup_fml 0

Now I have this image in my head of a little girl waking up to find a decapitated fairy under her pillow.


olliec 0

Smart kid. haha

No way a six year old was that smart. I can guarantee that anybody under age 10 DOES NOT know how to set a mouse trap.

Not to mention the fact that any parent who leaves mousetraps laying about with 6 year olds in the house deserves to have their fingers hurt by one.

6 year olds can be smart and I'm sure there might have been a box of those in the basement, it's not that hard to set up. but then again, not so likely... Maybe she asked like her father or brother and they gave suggestions... does sound odd that she'd come up with that plan but I do know for sure that 6 year olds are capable of that stuff since I have a 7 year old cousin and my nephews 5 and he's great at building lego and I'm sure if I showed him how to set it up he'd be capable... Or not but from my intuition I think he would be.

I'm sorry, a kid is definitely smart enough to think of that, and smart enough, after a few tries, to set one up, but she wouldn't be able to put a pillow on them and sleep on them without setting them off! I'm cryin' FOUL on this one.

OLOtheDemigodess 0

I was under the age of ten when I saw my dad set up a mouse trap and learned how to do it myself. I was kinda scared but I still did it sometimes and played with it using a ruler. Yeah, I was kinda adventurous as a child. (Although I don't think I was six... I was probably eight or nine at least XD)

dudeitsdanny 9

Actually, I think only a child would think of setting a mousetrap to catch the toothfairy. Does she ever watch Tom and Jerry? =) I didn't know how to set them when I was 6, but I could probably figure it out.

Reyo 2

Wait wait wait...she pulled her tooth out AND set a mousetrap under her pillow? Is your daughtor Rambo?

Ummmmm, i could work a mouse trap at 6. Not that hard. Plus, the kid might've had a loose tooth and then after it was removed asked about the tooth fairy then sprung her trap. I can see this one happening.

YDI, for being the worst parent, ever. Who the hell would leave mouse traps around for a 6 year old kid to play with?

kevick93 0

She warned you

noobgang7 5

How this is fake: A mouse trap under a pillow will snap if someone is laying their head on it.

you mean-- the tooth fairy isn't real?!?!?

ArielTheMermaid 17

smart kid, an #5 I'm 14 and I don't know how to set a mousetrap.

OK, i was five and there were mouse traps around because we had mice. i used to set them off when i was about eight with rulers, and i kept breaking the plastic ones. it isn't that hard to obtain one in my house still, and I'm 16. my brother is six right now, he could do that if he wanted to. the only problem is it wouldn't work under a pillow.

AssassinBug 15

Every comment regarding something that a kid does using something (say, a mouse trap) makes me wonder if people like you lived in straight jackets as children. Nothing is unreachable. How do you think children find Christmas presents early?

IllegalLight 0

Hahahaha. WHAT? That really sucks for you... maybe in about 10 years you can look back in laugh :D

haha. how does the trap not set off if its right behind the pillow? i would've totally accidently set it off cause i move around in my sleep :/

Somewhere the Oompa Loompas are singing a song about greedy children... "Who do you blame when your kid is a brat Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat? Blaming the kids is a lion of shame You know exactly who's to blame"

"A lion of shame"?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

22cute 17

Yeah, stop telling your kid lies. She's too smart for you.

YDI cause she warned you.

OLOtheDemigodess 0

oh yeah, totally. I told my parents I was gonna try and catch Santa Claus. That didn't mean I baited the house with fox-traps, it meant I was aiming to stay up and catch him red-handed! That's probably what the OP thought anyway - as if you'd get scared off by a six year old because she 'warned' you... wtf. I have a feeling you're joking, if you are, it's not funny. It's just kinda sad.

Soup_fml 0

Now I have this image in my head of a little girl waking up to find a decapitated fairy under her pillow.

OLOtheDemigodess 0

OMG LOL!!! next time she'll put a guillotine just inside the door so she can catch Santa Claus :P

R0lling_St0ner 0

LMAO that brought tears to my eyes that shit was so funny and I got the mental picute of that as well

amatayo 0

no no no no no the mouse trap would not still be ready to activate. and if it was just sitting there then there is no fml here.

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OLOtheDemigodess 0

wtf???? I loved Santa and The Tooth Fairy!! It gave me something to look forward to at Christmas and whenever I lost a tooth... I mean, come on, finding a coin under the pillow from a fairy is so much more exciting than your parents just handing you a coin. I loved believing in that magic!! (I still do to an extent lmao) *sigh* there needs to be more people in the world who are still children at heart :P

what about parents who tell their kids about jesus, allah and angels? You hate them too?

Well with allah and jesus and stuff the parents have been brainwashed too so it's not as MUCH their fault, but it's still wrong to indoctrinate your kids even if you believe it too (let them find that truth for themselves).

lol wth to #52

Damn right! *hi-five* for never growing up...

when I think I was about 6 I was at my cousins house for a sleepover and she lost a tooth. the next morning my aunt handed her money. no sneaking around nothing. that's how I found out the tooth fairy wasn't real. it broke my heart

You're a monster if you do that to your children

lololol111 0

she is a freaking genius

wearinsexypants 0

If they are the kind of mouse traps that would spring off and hurt you, I really don't think they'd survive very long anywhere near her pillow without going off. People move around a lot in their sleep. Also, I don't think it's fair to call it lying to children when talking about things like the tooth fairy, Santa, or the Easter bunny... Fantasy is an important part of childhood. I believed in them as a child, and grew out of it naturally as I grew up. If you do it right, there's nothing harmful about it.

I like this kid. YDI What is the point of lying to create these false fantasy worlds? Parents, stop telling your kids there's such a thing as the tooth fairy, Santa or god. They'll just be disillusioned in the long run or worse, end up with a romanticized and unrealistic view of the world that hurts them and others.

OLOtheDemigodess 0

all I can say is, thank GOD you weren't my parent. A beautiful part of my childhood would have been missing. I suppose I wouldn't have known better... but still, it sucks to imagine life as a kid (and even now to an extent lol) without that sense of wonder and magic... I was always so excited to lose a tooth .. counting down the days till Christmas and trying to stay up as late as possible to 'catch' the tooth fairy or santa claus... if my parents had just handed me a coin instead that would have boring as hell. As 'wearinsexypants' said before, fantasy is an important part of childhood. For me especially, being such a dreamer, I used to live out entire fantasy lives like in 'bridge to terabithia'. And loved every moment of it. I grew out of it naturally, I figured out the truth on my own when I was about ten just from logic (I'd grown up to start questioning how such a fat man could fit through our chimney and then squeeze through our gas heater). I'm not disillusioned; however, I admit I am rather naive when it comes to my personal morals and principles... and I know I still am a bit of a dreamer but it doesn't hurt me or anyone!! It just gives life that extra touch that's NEEDED imo... you can't live life without a bit of magic, it makes life more beautiful and complete. Keep an open mind and an open heart and you'll be able to appreciate the things around you and see the world in a wondrous light (see I admit I am naive, but I don't care it makes me happy to see the world like a kid!! :P)

Don't worry about those people, #28. They're probably just a little sore 'cause they didn't figure out the truth about Santa/Tooth Fairy until their late teens. :P

Only idiot kids believe in Santa/Tooth Fairy/etc. I never, ever, believed any of that bullshit. My parents told me about it when I was three and I was like "No, that's not true" so to prove it I wrote him a note and left it by the cookies. The note said "If you are real, sign here." Anyone who believes that shit is a retard.

you wrote this note when you were three??? Hmmmmmmm.... My parents found ways around our doubt, to foster our creativity and imagination. If we wrote a note like that (when we were old enough to write) they would sign it as Santa. Fantasy and imagination are good things for children to have, Im sorry you didnt have that as a child.

Yeah I wasn't an illiterate fuck until the age of eight like most dumbass kids these days; I could read, write, and speak proficiently at three. My parents didn't believe in lying to their children, because if you can't trust your parents, who can you trust? I had imagination, it just didn't involve my parents lying to me about obviously fake characters like your shitty parents apparently did. I was reading, writing, and doing math when the other retarded kids my age were fantasizing about bullshit. But I guess I was in the wrong.

And it's made you the laid-back, fun-loving, happy person you are today.