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Today, I was walking with my boyfriend when a guy walked up to me and told me I look exactly like Taylor Swift. My boyfriend punched him in the face and told him that Taylor Swift is a lot more attractive. I'm actually considering leaving him for the complete stranger. FML
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Pull an Adele and make millions off this douche!

*he said I looked like Taylor swiiiiiiiiiift, he was trolling in the deeeeeeeep, my boyfriend punched him in the faaaaaaaaaaace...*

Haha I can imagine op's boyfriend Stranger- Wow you look exactly like Taylor swift! *op's boyfriend punches stranger* Op's boyfriend- How dare you! Taylor swift is much more attractive than my girlfriend! Op- *facepalm*

Seriously, me too, except I'm a straight guy lol. But I just had to agree.

I agree too, I mean if he'll punch a complete stranger for giving his girl a compliment, who knows what he can do.

^ I agree with all these people ^.. Seems like he's selfish, rude, and a shitty boyfriend.. I bet you're pretty, you can do better(:

I agree too. My boyfriend loves it when other guys compliment me or check me out. Most of the time I don't even notice it and he will be the one to realise it. Then he goes on to tell me how lucky he is to have a beautiful girlfriend like me. The Original Poster's boyfriend OS a douche bag!

Why would ever be with someone like that? Better to have nobody!

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I completely agree bimonthly. No one is much better than a toolbar like That fella

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Does anyone else give a rats ass about her past relationship? Anyone?

4... *exbf thought I was less attractive than a celeb, kicked him to the curb for using me* Like seriously.. if guys did this to girls... Well, since Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum, Taylor Laughtner, and Gerard Butler still roam the earth... Most women would be single. *note: based on personal experience, most women I know find at least ONE of those actors more attractive than their bf*

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The **** does thus have to do with OP?

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You know your comment says enough, but your picture shows even more. Not only do you sound like this jerk mentioned you look just like the kind of troll who would have done something similar. What an ass.

So, was he trying to defend Taylor Swift when he punched the guy?

Yeah. Ridiculous, right? Also you sorta look like Jessica Simpson.

I believe that you have fully grasped the reason that this is an FML.

OMG, she looks nothing like her! *punches*

10- That's actually the model Daphne Groeneveld in my picture. I should probably use a picture of myself on here since this is my profile, not the model's. But, oh well.

I think I should too 22, yet a picture of myself would most likely be a downgrade from my current one...

^^ Now that should be a FML post,. Lol

Or mentioning any reference to that song again, like ever.

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Yeah, I used to like Taylor Swift but now I'm seeing the chain of makeup/breakup songs. Getting annoying...

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Her songs, especially in that Red album are so repetitive now.

Well maybe in the heat of the moment he didn't know what he was saying and he accidently said it backwards!

Write a shallow, overly emotional love song about it.

The exact reason why I hope Taylor Swift never sees this FML.

Loving him was red? Maybe we are never ever getting back together. I'm sure this person won't keep saying the same line over and over again though.

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I hate Taylor Swift...she can't sing(ready for the thumbs down)

Or a really good hit song like Taylor Swift does. Because she is ******* amazing.

Or a really good hit song like Taylor Swift does. Because she is ******* amazing.

If he's that passionate about Taylor Swift he should be super passionate about you too. He clearly isn't, so leave him. Now.

An attractive guy with brains, well what do you know! :) I agree completely. I had a friend who cried about how her boyfriend didn't like her boobs, all the time. I told her to either tell him it bothered her, lose weight, or better yet DUMP HIM in favor of a guy who'd accept her as she is. ;) so op should go with a guy who thinks she's just fancy the way she is!

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