By Anonymous - Canada
Today, at 2 in the morning, my water broke. I called my mom and woke her up to come watch our older kid, while my husband and I went to the hospital. After being tested at the hospital, I was told I had just peed myself. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

I hope YOU know that the doctors and nurses have all seen and heard it before, and this isn't a unique situation. And the mother was probably fine because she was helping her very pregnant daughter.

I also hope you know that the whole FML community is laughing at you for being a complete shitbag.

  awesomeooo3  |  0

Yeah, as you are probably aware, the baby puts a lot of pressure on your bladder. And this happens to many women, as well as 'false contractions'. Don't worry about it.

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Ok 53 your fucking gross lol but yah OP I agree don't beat yourself up about it when I was pregnant I wet myself a lil bit no biggie! I'm sure the doc has seen this before so laugh about it because there's alot more embarassing things.

By  badbe  |  0

I swear they did this on balls of steel where the "scummy mummy" is trying on shoes and she tips water over the sales assistant and says "oh thank fuck it was only pee" (/

By  Monkeymolli  |  0

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  at1325  |  0

theoretically the op could have had a c section for her first child, and this occured before a planned c section or her doctor was going to try and do a vaginal birth after a c section ( I heard there are some doctors who do not believe it is nessicary to continue to have c sections just because it was done before)

  thebestof1984  |  0

No, not really. I had two kids. Water broke on my first child, I thought I pissed myself. Second child doctors broke it by accident and once again I thought I pissed myself.


Yeah I've never had a baby before, but I hear that when one's water is breaking, she feels like she's peeing. However, I am speculating that the fluid isn't yellow and doesn't smell like pee... Right?