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  birdofparadise  |  16

They aren't celebrating months. If you actually read it, it says that the first time she gave him a bj, it was a month after they got together. It was probably their one year last month and she's upset he forgot.


And that's when you find someone better who doesn't give a shit about bj anniversary he is a fuckin idiot DUMP HIS ASS NOW and also find someone with a bigger dick cuz I'm sure he is that big but shhhh nobody's suppose to know that HAHA

  EvilPotato  |  14

I don't understand people, why would someone want a penis in a mouth cause it would be just wrong for someone to kiss you, you would have his penis and his semen in your mouth.

  MrPacMan36  |  4

should have given it to him on the first date. hed kill two birds with one stone.


really 9? she said it was an FML because he forgot the anniversary.

can you really blame a brotha for remembering something so wonderful? not every guy in the book likes sex just because it feels good. some actually understand that when they receive something like that, it's special. all kinds of wonderful emotions come from it, not to mention it feels good.

as for you, I think you've never had that or ever realized that. truly upsetting for you and... try to look at the glass Half full next time.

  cldean24  |  4

Will what? Finish your sentence.