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Today, I heard my neighbors having a violent argument in their front yard. I listened in, and soon found out why the wife wasn't happy with her husband. Apparently, she had caught her husband peeking through my windows for the second time this month. FML
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Hahaha. Wave at him!

This is a better way to find out than the alternative: OP: Hi I'm your new neighbour! Man: I know. Nice pink panties you had on last night. OP: Wha...what? Man: Uh, I said nice to meet you.


Hahaha. Wave at him!

You should make a copy of yourself using paper, wood and clothes, and make it hold a poster that says: "Shame on you, perve!"

oh i would die if i saw someone at my window at night.

#20 - You would just die? Like suddenly or slowly or horribly or hysterically or happily or painfully or peacefully or awesomely or fantastically or brilliantly or epically?

I think it's meant in a horror movie stabbing sort of way

OP, you officially have a stalker.

siickman 7

36, peeping tom? Stalker is more along the lines of following her every move (on her daily chores/activities and internet socializing)

Are you kidding me???!!!

so he's a peeping tom? close the curtains?

Should be proud either you or your wife are hot

Who said OP was married? That's not even a compliment it's a violation of her privacy. And by the way, OP is a girl..

Wtf is your point? That had no relation to the fml whatsoever #2.

I get what 2 is saying. By saying you should be proud,either you or your wife are hot, 2 is saying he doesn't know if op is a girl or a guy so if op is a girl the husband is looking at op. if op was male the husband would look at op's wife. I don't get why 2 didn't check the gender, though.

Saying something like that is liking wishing to be torn by comment-eating Grammar Nazis.

Seriously who gives a fuck about grammar nazis, they blow things out of proportion on FML. 2 actually has a point so if you stopped to think about 2's comment instead of whether he used a full stop or not you might actually agree with him.

Couldn't be that the OP never mentioned that they were married or the fact that OP is clearly a girl. No, that'd be too easy.

bertman21 5

2 Is right op looks better than peeping toms own wife/girlfriend/lover/sister (if they are from the south.)

Bright side? At least you know your perverted neighbor thinks for attractive?

Or he could be straight up creepy

redmane 21

Exactly why this is an FML. Because it's creepy.

Not all FML's have to be creepy..

redmane 21

Never said that. It's just one of the reasons that this particular FML is an FML.

69, your number itself, is awkward.

anabls08 0

I would not be comforted by that notion :/

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Tell him he's lucky she caught him and not you. Do this while repeatedly opening and closing a large, shiny pair of scissors. Or, ya know, report his peeping ass.

That's a splendid idea!

This is a better way to find out than the alternative: OP: Hi I'm your new neighbour! Man: I know. Nice pink panties you had on last night. OP: Wha...what? Man: Uh, I said nice to meet you.

Lmao!! Your comments never disappoint!

That's fucking creepy. Sue and get buckets of money.

Michele2luv 8

The good old american way, huh? . . . idiot

perdix 29

Don't blame the victim. The main fault belongs to the peeping Tom husband. The OP must be pretty hot if she can compete favorably with Internet porn. 99.9% of voyeurs have ditched peeping for the ease, quality and convenience of online wanking.

Now that would be one of those conversations I wish I hadn't overheard. FYL for having a peeping Tom, but maybe you should close your blinds/curtains more?

It would help if you closed your window shades..

Ya know, IN DA BATHRUM! Ding!

Wait...Wha-WHAT? What are you trying to say?

Lol. I don't think many people, if anyone, on FML watches nintendocaprisun on YouTube.