By Ignored - United Kingdom
Today, my phone wasn't working properly. After sending out 40 texts and getting no replies, I decided to test my phone by sending it a text from my old phone. The text came through straight away. Turns out my phone's working perfectly and 40 people are just ignoring me. FML
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  chuckychan  |  8

op needs to try and find a new group of friends... sounds like you are pretty desperate fit into a group of friends that doesn't share the same interests as you, judging by the way no one can find the time to text you back...who even would want to talk to 40 people at once?

  plum_lovin  |  28

I agree. Your probably one of those people that send five texts to each person. So maybe those people were about to text you back but got annoyed that you never gave them a chance.

  FNFPhilly  |  0

39 that's what I was going to say I HIGHLY doubt they were all together saying "haha look at this dumbass they think their cool texting us let's not reply and be Jersey Shore douche bags!!"