By Ignored - 11/04/2011 09:39 - United Kingdom

Today, my phone wasn't working properly. After sending out 40 texts and getting no replies, I decided to test my phone by sending it a text from my old phone. The text came through straight away. Turns out my phone's working perfectly and 40 people are just ignoring me. FML
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FriskyTaco 0

You sent 40 txts? You're probably really annoying, I wouldn't reply either!

what if they're just not around? or can't get to the phone?


what if they're just not around? or can't get to the phone?

all 40 people?? no. op is just apparently a loser

MrGold 0

I wish I had 40 friends :'( Someone cue the small violin.

MizzErikaHart 8

maybe they were all house phones... 

Valle79 5

#19, So does the OP...

haha 53... and op sorry that stinks :(..

Kuqito 0

op stop whining its probably another reason

Heather_x0x0 6

LOL!!! that sucks....

reganera 0

maybe the texts weren't going through...just because she could receive doesn't mean that the texts were being sent....

zkchild 0

No I'm pretty sure it's your phone.

40 ppl? suuurrre

Mandy0325 1

maybe your phone wasn't sending them right and they never got it

op needs to try and find a new group of friends... sounds like you are pretty desperate fit into a group of friends that doesn't share the same interests as you, judging by the way no one can find the time to text you back...who even would want to talk to 40 people at once?

101 - You could be right. My phone is retarded like that. I can receive messages, but most of the time they don't send.

iLOLatURpain69 7

If you really want to get them to text back, send them a picture without your shirt and/or pants on.

sad! I'm sorry you have no friends.

W0 0

Thats just unfortunate

OP probably just forgot it's Sunday morning and everyone is asleep.

slap all the bitches who didn't reply

Can you say loser! I ask because I have a lisp and it comes out "lother" so I was wondering...agh watever thith ith thupid....

maybe they just have a life and aren't consistantly on the phone!

skylartiltonn06 0

wow biotch.

72 maybe u are one of the people that didn't respond do you want OP to slap you

yes, yes I would

wow your an asshole

lol miss bunny25 your really hot, just saying lmao

I feel for you OP )':

Op you must be hated dude lol

Juju9269_fml 0

b his friend lol

MrGold 0

You must have done something wrong or something terribly right. Oh yeahhh.

FriskyTaco 0

Hmmm..what would she have done 'right' to make her friends not reply back?

MrGold 0

I just mind fucked you.

FriskyTaco 0

Nope, since you failed to provide an example all you did was come off sounding stupid.

MrGold 0

See. Still mind fucked you. You just don't get it. Your IQ must be that of a tomatoe.

People who get everything seriously are just annoying

And your IQ is great when you spell tomato wrong.

rallets 22

the mindfuck continues o_O

mindfuck. yay :D I love those >:D

rallets 22

missb! where you been >:O

boners locked me in the closet again. I slapped him with raw meat. I barely escaped.

briidontgive_ 0

Lmao at this thread. Ahw op its okay, you'll be famous and those 40 people will regret it .. ? Yeah.

rallets 22

O_O so many mindfucks, the brain cant handle *KABOOM*

Yay brains!

tbj42409 0

why are you texting that much anyways. I wouldn't reply to you either.

lol agreed OP you're probably one of those people who is always like "Helloooo?" if someone doesn't reply in 5 mins

itsalwaysYDI 0

haha. I was just thinking that myself...

uridea 14

lol I hate when people do that :P

plum_lovin 28

I agree. Your probably one of those people that send five texts to each person. So maybe those people were about to text you back but got annoyed that you never gave them a chance.

MizzErikaHart 8

texting 40 people seems a bit excessive. ur probably like that with everything and that's y ur "friends" don't reply.

gearsmaster 0

but it's not 40 texts to one person.. and I highly doubt their all in the same place talking amongst themselves if they should reply or not xP

they probably all know each other though and know op as "the weirdo/clinger/annoying one"

I'm guessing op does this alot, it could annoying quick.

39 that's what I was going to say I HIGHLY doubt they were all together saying "haha look at this dumbass they think their cool texting us let's not reply and be Jersey Shore douche bags!!"

yeah bitch people got shit to get done its not all about you

did anyone ever consider this might be fake because old phones are deactivated and don't have service? therefore not being able to receive messages? just a thought

FriskyTaco 0

You sent 40 txts? You're probably really annoying, I wouldn't reply either!

“Sent 40 texts... 40 people are ignoring me.” Op meant they sent 1 text to 40 people i think.

joshswensoon15 0

you are a weirdo

Send 40 texts out again saying sorry I thought my phone wasn't working but turns out your ignoring me FUCK U ALL FAKE BITCHES idk but cussing them out might make them reply

MizzErikaHart 8

yea that's what op should do at this point. reading this to me sounds sarcastic but I'm serious.

lol no seriously she should get a new number and new friends!

Snafuusmc 12

wow! Rejected!

Wow pointless comment!!

use your other phone to send yourself sexy messages.

MrGold 0

I am disturbed by your picture o.O