By Anonymous - 18/08/2010 19:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I fell down the stairs while reading the 'mind your step' sign. FML
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You should; you're a female. You should also love cooky and cleany.

Whenever one of my old boyfriends and I would go to a mall with a Gap store, he'd throw himself across the floor into the store and yell, "Help! I fell into the Gap!" I'd always lmao. >.< Yep, we were both pretty big losers. :D


damn! that's pretty funny! you obviously didn't mind the sign!:P

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Yeah, you could look like marinus and be hired to be a stand in Cheez It, or have to work as an Oompa Loompa on the weekend. (No hard feelings #1, I had an opportunity I couldn't pass up)

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4 he says it cuz it's true XD

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Ouch, should have read it faster.

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haha mind your step. maybe if it were "watch" that wouldn't have happened

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what the **** is united kingdom?

YDI for falling down the stairs while reading the 'mind your step' sign.

hahah no worries #6 :) #8 and #10 know what I'm talking about :))

He is first. I think the comment bug is messing with you.

sweet_candy, glad you know what I'm talking about as well :))

Not from what I see. :P Its the commenting bug.

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Uhhm!!! Who doesn't know what the united kingdom is????  Learn the world please. Not tryung to be mean.

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Trying*. Hate my iPhone sometimes. 

Lyke r u dum or wut?1! u has eye see nd read noob

it's just like those signs on the highway that say "keep your eyes on the road"

One time I fell down the stairs in a laundry basket  It huuuuuurt.

Fuuck I'm starving I haven't eaten since 1

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seducerecycle I do that for fun!! hahah

Adan don't tell me what to do! Now gimme some dinner

pingpongpenguin 3

LOLZ. captain, hahah that is why I love your dogs.

My mom said we'd eat at 8 where the hell is she it's already 8:04!

sweet_candy you are absolutely right I was first then I went to another FML post then went back and my comment was gone.

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Marinus, you're becoming like a mother skroal, and legonut. At least give an example of how it oils be worse when you say "it could have been worse." :P

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hahah 71 good for you. it's only 6:20 here :o

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Ppp- it's teh same time here :0! WxC?(West Coast)?

iicaptain, I agree! Although, mine chased a bear up a tree so it wouldn't attack me. I'm not lying. 

71 looks like a snotty rich kid by te way his hair is and his shirt lol no offense It kinda turns me on ;D

I know!!!!! Hehe mine thinks it's a lapdog so it sits on my lap. and it's kinda heavy!!! Hahhaha.

:P I thought mine was the only one. Hahha. I also blow cheese and bacon flavoured bubbles and he jumps and eats them.

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That would happen to anyone, like me. lol.

why do u wish u were a snotty rich kid Hun?

don't wish I was snotty it's just we aren't doin too great financially right now. Btw my shirt was 3$ at a thrift store and my dad cut my hair.

it's cute tho, don't feelbad my family is the Same way I like going to thrift stores accually I got a prom dress there but I cut it and I wore t to a wedding

yes, yes it is. I didn't mean to offend u in any way tho. ur cute and I'm not just saying that

im not offended, I'll take it as a compliment if i look rich. Anyway I'm not exactly poor it's just my dads been really worried about his job so we've been more careful with money, and thanks, so are you!

haha thanks! do u have a gf? if u don't message

sorry I meant if u don't have a gf then message me

i live Joan Jett an I don't inderstand hoe it's ironic?

1-Just out of curiosity, do you, or does your back, really look like that? lol OP-And you are a rah-tard.

111- it looks exactly like that. it's me

112 message me!!! plz I need to ask u sumthing

skroal i legit wanna munch ya balls. get at me bru cmon nigga 1-271-586-8634 text me up i wanna get dirty with u

112-One more thing. If you don't mind me saying so, your back looks pretty sexy. ;) lol

LMFAO 124 . looks like u gettin some ladies [;

128-Nah I'm just commenting on the sexiness of his back ;)

How's this even an FML, people in Africa are dying of hunger and you're whining because you fell?

lol 16. dumbass. if ur in america thats the group of cointrys tha used to own u. not tecnicaly they stole the land from native americans who now dont hav to follow the law because "their so oprressed boohoo". im sry if u mistake my dog for a deer and shoot it in my contry im takin ur ass to court

lol at 130 131 and 132. the ****** macine snags 2 internet ***** (no disrespecit. im in a bad mood this is how i cope)

You call me a ****, then say no disrespect?Ha. That's awesome. Yeah, I commented on how his back looks sexy. So shoot me. It's not like I went and ****** the man or anything. Looking at someone and simply telling them that they look good doesn't make me a ****.

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136 - It's better than nothing... You actually expect kids in Africa to be writing FMLs? Get troll'd :l.

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I think it's time for a picture of the front of you mar!

#150 - when I do that everyone gets angry and starts hating on me for 'trying too hard'

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OP should've put this on MLIA

at 148 I'm none iof ur ******* business jerk off years old

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Easy killer. I was just curious. Didn't mean anything by it.

Whoever put that there did it on purpose! Btw op you're blonde right?

Muahaha... the signs are initiating plan destroy! Signs, everywhere, UNITE! We will soon start taking over the world! MUAHAH-- huh? what sign? .... fyl op?

u shouldve checked the ripening calender but now you have over ripe kumquats!! who's the idiot now???

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in soviet russia UR ASS KICKS ME

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skroal gots no life here, anyways there's goes my life down with him. fyl learn tooooo reeeeeead lol

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23, looks like he's sneezing xD

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37, and you post photos that aren't you. Nice try. Use someone less known and by the way if you are going to pretend to be her, keep up with her hair! It's now black.

people can't mutitask who ever heard of walking and reading at the same time. ydi for doing the impossible 0.o

stairs can be sneaky, best to avoid them whenever possible.