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  BehindTheSun  |  2

Yeah, you could look like marinus and be hired to be a stand in Cheez It, or have to work as an Oompa Loompa on the weekend. (No hard feelings #1, I had an opportunity I couldn't pass up)

  remy3106  |  10

it's cute tho, don't feelbad my family is the Same way I like going to thrift stores accually I got a prom dress there but I cut it and I wore t to a wedding

  Stupified  |  0

im not offended, I'll take it as a compliment if i look rich. Anyway I'm not exactly poor it's just my dads been really worried about his job so we've been more careful with money, and thanks, so are you!

  ninjacapo  |  2

lol 16. dumbass. if ur in america thats the group of cointrys tha used to own u. not tecnicaly they stole the land from native americans who now dont hav to follow the law because "their so oprressed boohoo". im sry if u mistake my dog for a deer and shoot it in my contry im takin ur ass to court


You call me a slut, then say no disrespect?Ha. That's awesome. Yeah, I commented on how his back looks sexy. So shoot me. It's not like I went and fucked the man or anything. Looking at someone and simply telling them that they look good doesn't make me a slut.