By Anonymous - 20/02/2016 08:21 - United States - Pomona

Today, I went to a bingo club with my gran and won the second game and a butthurt old lady accused me of cheating. I ended up being taken aside by an apologetic member of staff and asked to leave. I'm still trying to figure out how you can even cheat at bingo. FML
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Maybe you should have researched bingo B4 playing.

Some old people take bingo way too seriously.


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Maybe you should have researched bingo B4 playing.

zeffra13 31

Why? The person calling the numbers doublechecks your card before they announce you won, so you can't cheat without bribery. People being sore losers comes with any game.

#10, thanks for clearing that up. I2 was confused by the comment.

Maybe she heard some A4 mentioned tiles

Some old people take bingo way too seriously.

91hayek 31

This. Also Bridge and Mahjong. At our local library they have games on Thursday and unless you want a dozen senior citizens yelling at you, stick to the other side of the library and don't even look their way.

Because your taking all the fun out of it, she wants to win.

Old people can be a bit over-reactive. At least they kindly asked you to leave instead of getting kicked out.

That's a generalization if I've ever heard one

You've obviously never heard one then. Keyword: "can"

They should realize that things sometimes don't line up for a number of reasons...

tarlax 11

Bingo? Sorry, thought we were just repeating random words of the FML for a sec.

SilentSin 23

I got dragged along to bingo once and I got kicked out because I wasn't playing

One time, I sat in a bingo hall to use the WiFi and someone pulled the fire alarm ._. Guess someone was a very sore loser