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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Ehh, there could be other issues here. He could be really busy, and stressed, or have memory problems. I suffered brain damage from too many explosives, and as a result I have piss poor short term memory. Granted, it's not to the point I forget my girlfriends name, but if I don't sit and repeat a date of something, I'll forget in a few hours. And I forget the day of the week all the time. My girlfriend constantly reminds me of conversations we had just the night before.. Shit sucks.


107 Thanks. I was getting very annoyed and had to do something to lighten up my mood. It worked. You notice he has been missing? I should not say that because he will reappear.


Raleigh: My mom regularly forgets my name. It's common to hear "Meghan! Kaitlin! John! Rusty! Wooby! Whoever you are, get over here!" in my parents' house.

And no, none of those is my real name. They're siblings', pets', and friends' names. -.-

  tweetbaby14  |  17

he's just your boyfriend not husband. the name thing is kinda bad but it's not big deal; peoples names slip my mind sometimes. YDI for letting something as stupid as that get to you

  kmwis_00  |  6

45- yes. He's obviously dating too many girls to remember all their names and which name goes with what face. Something happened like that on Oprah! With like nine women. And he had a disease. :(

  liaz_fml  |  0

wow, what kind of person are you! whats the point of remembering the names of people you dont love? id rather remember the names of people i love. but it isnt that hard to remember a persons name so i can achieve both :) do you have any friends ?

  MarkerofMagic  |  0

Not all relationships are about that kind of stuff.. Some people actually want relationships for the person and not about the sexual stuff. If you think relationships=sex something must be wrong with you.