By Forgotten - 09/08/2010 14:38 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend forgot our anniversary. But it's okay; I wasn't expecting anything after he forgot my birthday, Valentine's Day, and my name. FML
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waw... and you've been with him so long? dump him! he doesn't even know your name!

your boyfriends lack of win disturbs me.

ydi for being a girl, you either change sex or GTFO. (JK)

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go complain to him and not us! ydi

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31- WTF are you talking bout? it's okay I forgive you cuz u look good in ur pic. no I'm not a perv

38, thank you, I was just being random...

I hope you're not still with him, OP...

So cheating on him would cause him to forget her name?

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You know what? I hope you're still with him. If you can stay with a person even after they forget your name it can't get much worse from there.

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Maybe he is like 85 and his memory is slipping. Geez give the old guy a break!

Is there anyone else on her having their posts changed? It's wierd that I post something and it says something else later on.

Here not her. Sorry. I have dumb fingers

sounds like he doesn't know he's your boyfriend and your relationship is all in your head...ydi for being crazy

it's funny because your boyfriend doesn't remember anything about you

YDI for having an anniversary YDI for having a birthday YDI for having a name How can you expect someone to remember so much?

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Maybe the guy has mental health issues that make him forget things. amnesia, short term memory loss, Alzheimer's, etc.

you are sixteen going on seventeen (the sound of music)


88 - Highly unlikely. The human brain can't store infinite information. Why bother remembering names and birthdays of loved ones?

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hahaha. so fake. shame on you mods.

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Ehh, there could be other issues here. He could be really busy, and stressed, or have memory problems. I suffered brain damage from too many explosives, and as a result I have piss poor short term memory. Granted, it's not to the point I forget my girlfriends name, but if I don't sit and repeat a date of something, I'll forget in a few hours. And I forget the day of the week all the time. My girlfriend constantly reminds me of conversations we had just the night before.. Shit sucks.

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are you even sure that he knows you two are dating? am i right people???

64/65 - Skroal_stomper I love your name. Skroal can die in a hole.

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Time to find a new boyfriend? I think so!

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and why is he still you bf?

I agree 121. how have you put up with this for so long? my friend forgot valentines and his gf dropped his ass like it was on fire

107 Thanks. I was getting very annoyed and had to do something to lighten up my mood. It worked. You notice he has been missing? I should not say that because he will reappear.

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46, what if he beats on her for sticking around? i believe thats worsee lol

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and why are you still with this guy?

hmmm this kinda sounds like either your boyfriend has a bad memory because of amnesia or your possibly one of the many girls he's with

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#135 - I believe you are correct, but if he really didn't want to be with her he could just leave.

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ydi for not dumpin him long ago


idk how to spell this but . . alzhiemers ?

Right. Stalking does not equal dating. My pretend girlfriend, Megan Fox, has never once remembered our anniversary

163 - I'm not a hero. I'm just a messenger of the inevitable reality that lurks within this site.

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I agree, YDI for being with him after all that.

Raleigh: My mom regularly forgets my name. It's common to hear "Meghan! Kaitlin! John! Rusty! Wooby! Whoever you are, get over here!" in my parents' house. And no, none of those is my real name. They're siblings', pets', and friends' names. -.-

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go ask him what he got you for anniversary so that he feels awkward .

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make him give u a bunch of present to make up for everything he forgot and then break up wit him

YDI for still being with him after the first time! Some bitches are plain dumb.

And your being with him is better than being single?! YDI

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Aha, Jane. My question to you was going to be is one of those your real name. Thanks for ruining it.. :/

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and he is still ur bf because....?!

ummmm imma say fake. but if true ydi for dating him...

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and you dated this worthless piece of crap why???!?

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he's just your boyfriend not husband. the name thing is kinda bad but it's not big deal; peoples names slip my mind sometimes. YDI for letting something as stupid as that get to you

16 - he's abusive because he forgot some things? Victim much?

FYL for sucking at stalking. Don't you know that the person you are stalking never remembers these things? If you want a present, go get it from his house.

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uhhh...any chance your "boyfriend" is the Justin Beiber poster hanging on your wall?

88 - if that were the case, this probably wouldn't be an fml because shed get it then.

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I completely agree. dumb that stupid prick!!

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lol @ 200. and 219, you're not the only one that that happends to :/ i even get called by my neighor's dog name.

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are u sure he's aware that u two r dating....?

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There has to be a defect with a chick that stays with that kind of guy, I like to think not every woman is so worthless....

45- yes. He's obviously dating too many girls to remember all their names and which name goes with what face. Something happened like that on Oprah! With like nine women. And he had a disease. :(

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wow, what kind of person are you! whats the point of remembering the names of people you dont love? id rather remember the names of people i love. but it isnt that hard to remember a persons name so i can achieve both :) do you have any friends ?

He's not abusive he just doesn't care calm down there

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WTF? and your still with him?

Well maybe if you blow him every now and then he'll start to remember things and maybe even care about you

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Not all relationships are about that kind of stuff.. Some people actually want relationships for the person and not about the sexual stuff. If you think relationships=sex something must be wrong with you.

I find it funny that people take anything a person sais on the Internet seriously to the point where they, themselves, must put in their 2 cents.

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he could of had alz... damn I forgot how to spell it

Cus she's one of those idiot girls who refuses to move on and give other, better, nicer guys a chance. Definitely a YDI

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awww :( im sure you can find better !

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you're REALLY pretty Selena. no **** lol

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np. and is it hair naturally wavy like that?

136, I get it from my mom. lol 137, my hair is naturally wavy.

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you're mom must be really beautiful then! ;)

lol @143, and yeah, she's pretty. I LOVE MY MOM!!! lol

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that suxx!! he has a short term memory!!! lol yeaa mayb it's time to find a new bf!

You do realize this is FML, the website specifically for that, right?

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