By Disappointed / Saturday 30 May 2015 20:05 / United States - Lexington
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  CAC_Boomerang  |  21

Indeed. You can really picture the love and emotion that drives OP's boyfriend desire to care deeply for OP. Because, you know, uh... quickies are just so good at that. Especially on important events.

  Enslaved  |  36

I'm curious what OP gave her boyfriend (besides that booty)?

I know so many girls that expect expensive gifts on such events including birthdays and Valentines' Day butt is only one sided.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

Treated like you're a sex toy? Seriously.. Yes I'm aware we don't know what effort she put into it but that isn't included in the FML, focus on what we do know ffs. Effort doesn't equal a quicky. If he's at work all day at least actually say 'happy anniversary' and discuss what they're to to celebrate when they're together later that day or another time. Christ you people defend anything

  brand125  |  17

(we also dont know he didnt say happy aniversary and the likes of so, the fml only mentions what he "got her", not what he SAID to her, so if you wanna focus only what the fml states then that cant be assumed....).

im not really defending the guy himself, if i were him i would have done something special. he seems like he doesnt care about her. that part im not arguing. its just the way your comment came off, when we dont really know if she got him anything or not (notice your downvotes, im partially speaking for other people...) and sounded like the man is expected to do everything. that may not be what you mean, but fml commenters dont always give ghe benifit of the doubt. sorry

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

Clearly I do not expect one person to do everything in an occasion that celebrates the both of them. I made a comment on the information given? I am saying it was not thoughtful to celebrate the day with a quickie, no one considers that loving; after all it's a day to celebrate their love. And in regards to the sex toy comment, considering this is an FML then it's safe to say OP is not happy with being involved in the event, otherwise they wouldn't complain. So yes, we can assume OP felt used rather than loved. Perhaps you have a problem with the word used, either way the action was more preferred by them than OP. So no I do not expect the man to do everything, I expect him to treat her with decency.

  Laeffy  |  19

#74 I don't believe she was complaining about the fact that she got a quickie as much as she was complaining that he didn't get her something expensive

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