Dates that matter

By mee - 19/02/2012 11:37 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend sang "Happy birthday" to my vagina. It was my birthday last month and he forgot, but he remembers the date of the first time he went down on me. FML
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drawmesunshine 17

In his defense, he didn't play an active role in your birth, making it harder to remember.

fthislyfe 22

Still a better love story that twilight


drawmesunshine 17

In his defense, he didn't play an active role in your birth, making it harder to remember.

Looks like that makes two of you.

At least he's thoughtful!

M0rt 0

If he lived in Alabama I might have to disagree with you

48 - wouldn't thoughtful be remembering the birthday of the girl, not the first time he went down on her. O.O

This is both sad and creepy because the fact he remembers these things and not your birthday makes me wonder if he remembers past relationship's birthdays... Ew

forestfrost 4

Ya know 63, being as I am from Alabama, I have to say that is not true. Now what they do next door in Mississippi you can freely question

I read the first and asked myself if it got worse :/ sorry about your bf problems.

amberbby69 6

How sweet!

i would have dumped his ass for forgetting my birthday

perdix 29

Then he forgot your vagina's birthday, too (unless you are transsexual). What he did remember was his tongue's anniversary with your vagina. Do they make a greeting card for that?

Cobro 5

Hallmark might have one in their 'deadbeat boyfriend' section.

perdix 29

#9, No, I know they have belated birthday cards for deadbeats of all stripes. I meant do they have anniversary cards for pussy-eating, cock-sucking, butt-fucking, etc? If not, I smell an opportunity!

Billy Mays here with new revolutionary anniversary cards for pussy-eating, cock-sucking, butt-fucking for all your kinky celebrations. It could work, if the poor guy was still alive :/

Might be a better commercial for the other dude who punched a hooker.

That may not be an opportunity you smell, it could be cooch funk

bnutts 4

I see scratch and sniff cards about this coming in the future.

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fthislyfe 22

Oh shut up

dcg1375 7


chickenwalrus 14

Not bad.

USMC_Cpl 5

What the fuck is in your picture?!?!

I cannot unsee that picture

We should thumb him down just to get rid of it.

Whoever photoshoped that is good 0_o

MerrikBarbarian 9

It's from an art exhibit. I've seen a few other pics from it around. It's polymer clay not photoshop. The artist is Patricia piccinini. The more you know!!!

fthislyfe 22

Still a better love story that twilight

elena96 0

Twilights way better!

elena96 0

Twilights awesome

drawmesunshine 17

Case in point.

drawmesunshine 17

Well.. Not really, but it's not like a Twilight fan would know.

Twilight sucks more balls than a porn star

Where did my comment go?

Don't turn around, you'll scare it away!

Down in history

Behind you ear.

That's disturbing. You should slap some sense into him

At least he went down on you!

shadexilmaendu 4

Haha, would you stay with a guy who wouldn't go down on you? I probably wouldn't :p

Me either :p

Hmmm.... And yet a lot of girls would say a guy is an asshole if he broke up with a girl because she wouldn't give him head.

drawmesunshine 17

I would never break up with a guy for that. People have boundaries which ought to be respected. Example: fornicating in a vat of hamburger meat surpasses my boundaries, and my fiance would never break up with me over that because he respects me.

79, Then clearly if this is something he needs in the relationship then breaking it off is the best thing for him. I doubt he would be your fiance if you didn't satisfy his needs. Yes, guys would be called assholes for this, unlike the women here who all seem to be thumbed up. This doesn't mean any guys would be wrong for doing this though, rather it just shows how fucked up your opinions are of men in relationships.

drawmesunshine 17

If a little tongue action is that important and you care enough about your partner, the best course of action would be to work with your partner to expand their horizons.

Treat people how you would want to be treated.

afunnyterdcody 5

I wouldn't go anywhere witchu though

79: Your point is decent, but your example is ludicrous. How do you compare a very common sexual act with a made-up taboo that violates serious health and safety standards?

Snafuusmc 12

Did he get a present for your vagina? (balloons,candy,or worse?)

His tongue?

Flavored condoms. Protection and candy in one pain in the ass package to open!

He loves your virginal more than you. Be careful when you break up with him. He may cut it away.

Sinamoi 18

The fuck?

The hell is a virginal?

missyj0 12

Her Engrish berry powderful.

drawmesunshine 17

30, an arsenal of virgins.

Don't worry, I love virginals too.

I think she said the guy will cut her virginal off.

I think she said the guy will cut away at her virginal.

A dead Lois?