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Today, I was notified of card fraud. As I was on the phone with the fraud department to take out any cash I could, the ATM ate my card and shredded it. The chip in my other card stopped working last week. I'm in Sweden until December and I have no money until October 1st. FML
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OP here and I'll try to answer all the questions with a novel of a post. I've been in Stockholm since August and it just happened at the time this happened I didn't have any cash on me. Plus it's way easier to use card then it is cash at most places in Stockholm. My card was already filed under fraud from a purchase that I didn't make online and promptly shut down. I was on the phone with the fraud department so they could temporarily unfreeze my card so I could take out cash, because they were aware of my credit card situation and I would be out of any card until Oct 1st. As soon as the ATM ate my card I called the company and was told that their ATMs do shred cards whenever they're opened by staff at the end of the night for security reasons and there was nothing they can do, even with my situation.The reason it's going to take so long for the cards to get to me is because my bank isn't legally allowed to send cards internationally to me for whatever reason, but my mom is visiting Oct 1st, so she is bringing both my credit and debit card replacements. I had to laugh because as soon as the machine ate my card and I let the fraud staff on the phone know that happened all she could say was "oh...that sucks. I honestly can't help you anymore if that happened. I'm so sorry." She was overall really helpful and I could tell how surprised she was when I said that happened. I find it to be quite the humorous situation, considering nothing went right. baxeh, and mirror girl you're both are the best! I would have never guessed from this post that kind strangers would be willing to help me out! I greatly appreciate it, and luckily for me I have a couple friends from my university also in Stockholm that are able to help me out in the meantime. Which is quite a relief! In terms of a job, I really enjoy working and would love to work in Stockholm to keep me busy but because I'm only in the country for six months (I'm from the States) and unless it's under the table, I can't get a job since I'm not here for a year or more.

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Im in sweden OP, let me know if i can help!

Wow, I can honestly say this is one of the few times that I can vote fyl w/o a doubt. But seriously op, I hope you end up doing fine until the 1st.


Always travel with extra cash, and an extra card/credit card. I've had cards stolen, and it's horrible to be away from home with no money.

Or Captain I've been in similar situations, Captain ask friends who have traveled for advice, Captain be prepared for bad shit to happen.

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well it looks like op already has 2 cards (both can't be used because of recent events). regarding cash: it's impossible to bring cash for e.g a year or so and even highly dangerous.

3's point, 1/5, was that it's a little useless saying that given OP's current situation already having occurred. No need to get all bitter over it.

I understand your point #1, but some people only have 1 credit or debit card (op even had 2) and not everyone has extra cash they can just bring on a trip, let alone enough cash to pay for all expenses for over 2 weeks. And as someone else mentioned, it can also be dangerous/risky to bring that much in cash because if it gets stolen, there's no getting that back. Op, that sounds awful! Isn't there anyway the bank can lend you the amount that was stolen? I'd go to the bank branch (if they have one in Sweden) or call your bank and talk to the manager. If not, I guess you'd have to look at getting a temporary job where they can pay cash, maybe waiting tables? Or go to the embassy, explain the situation, and see if they can get you home early or set you up with a job or something? I really hope it all works out!

Wow, I can honestly say this is one of the few times that I can vote fyl w/o a doubt. But seriously op, I hope you end up doing fine until the 1st.

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Well, my initial thought would be to freeze the debit card account, not widthdrawl everything in the account. It's a total FYL, but there was a way to prevent the second part. Of course, nobody goes to an atm to expect their card to get eaten up.

Do you have any friends that can help you?

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I hope things work out for you.

Im in sweden OP, let me know if i can help!

People like you give me hope. That's super sweet of you.

Thanks! But it really is just trying to be a decent person. You never know when you might be in the same situation! :)

Typically an ATM will not shred cards. Contact the ATM provider and they can open the compartment that holds the confiscated cards and hand it back to you.

Just because the chip in your other card stopped working doesn't mean you can't swipe the card like usual.

I actually work somewhere they have a chip reader and unfortunately you actually can't just swipe. a guy came in to pay for his kid's birthday party and his chip didn't work. When you swipe it recognizes you have a chip and tells you to insert. Luckily I was able to type in his number manually, since we allow payment over the phone.

But at most places if the chip reader fails three times it will allow you to swipe instead

Hopefully you have friends or family that can send a wire transfer or something? If not, there's always stripping for cash? :/

And hopefully those friends and family won't think it's one of those scam emails we've all received describing a similar situation just to con you while you think you're helping a friend.

OP, get Swish. That way you can swish(send) money to the persons credit card you are with (or even some random in the store) through your phone and "they'll" pay for you, and a lot of places in Stockholm has swish (bars, grills, pressbyrån, etc) so just ask for it when buying something! :) done it many times myself :))

Matey McM8, I live in Stockholm, I currently have all the time in the world and can try my best to help you.