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Today, my friend was complaining to me about her problems. I tried to be a good, understanding friend, listening and giving advice. When it was my turn to vent, she interrupted me, saying, "Sorry, but I don't really care." FML
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Hey everyone, OP here! :) I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments, they were super helpful and many were also quite funny. My "friend" is now my ex-friend and it's the best decision I could've made because she clearly was never a friend to begin with. Thanks again, everyone! Cheers!

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That'll teach you to care about stuff. You should be more like me - bitter, jaded, old, grey-haired, deaf, and why are you still here! Get off my lawn!


I've had someone who I thought was a friend do the exact same thing. I just waited until they needed a shoulder again, let them get through their rant, then tear them to pieces. It was nice to return the favor.

I'm not sure though. Some of us are more of a complaining type than a listening type, and the way I see it is that OP and her friend were not a good fit for exchanging complaints and that's all.

26- This "complaining type" needs to grow up. It's childish and unfair for OP's friend to expect a listening ear to whine to and then feel no obligation to return the favor. Friendships should be mutual, otherwise they're bound to fall apart

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I have a "friend" who does this, with everything. my opinions are "not important" but i listen to what he has to say all the time. He thinks he is above everyone and this is why i only talk to him during lunch because he is too much of a dick to get other friends sohe sits with mine. Yeah my friends hate him too. (Only reason i dont tell him off is because our parents have been friends for years)

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She sounds like a bitch. She's no friend of yours, OP

I have a friend exactly like this. Its really frustrating, but try giving Hera taste of her own medicine. After this had happened to me a couple of times I just said I really don't care when she went to vent to me. Doesnt really solve the problem but it makes you feel a heck of a lot better!

That'll teach you to care about stuff. You should be more like me - bitter, jaded, old, grey-haired, deaf, and why are you still here! Get off my lawn!

You promised to pay me for mowing your it, you old curmudgeon!

Mowing his 'it'? Doc, I didn't know you were into getting a Brazilian wax. Trying to feel young again, are we? Buying a new Corvette would suffice for a normal mid-life crisis, you know.

Is it just me thinking this or would that comment have been buried if anyone but docbastard had posted it?

35 - If that's true, it's only because he's shown enough of his personality through thousands of comments for the community to understand his sense of humour. I feel like there are a few other regulars who would have been able to pull this one off. I don't understand the people who hate on Doc for being Doc any more than the ones who automatically thumb him up.

I'm scared to guess what that picture is, Doc. They look like kidneys, but I could be wrong.

It takes time for people to grow into their personality I still can't yell, "Damn kids!" at people my age... Because they're being idiots. Oh the joys of being middle aged.

So? What gives her right to complain about her problems, then when it comes to somebody else, act disrespectful and flat out rude? At least have consideration, and listen to her vent as well.

obviously. it's just that if I were OP I'd rather this girl answered me in this fashion than pretended to care and listened to me pouring my heart out. at least I'd know she's a bitch and doesn't deserve my attention.

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Honest? More like rude... Return the favor, at least!

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Yeahhh like real Friends ones who care. Like my friends who r they best and I like CHEEEESE!!! And milk and cookies and crackers and oranges and yeah. I'm chickenflems sister btw. Just doing this so she can get thumbed down. Which she hates. All part of the FML reputation I guess but hey a little sisters gta do what she was made for an I right?? Kk bye. I LOVE YOU ALL!

and walk away haha. who needs friends like that anyways.

Sounds more like an ex-friend, or she's just really fake and uses people to make herself feel better. Either was time to find some new friends.

Seriously? **** that selfish bitch. You definitely don't need her as a friend.

what are you five? just say bitch. we all know she is, and deserves to be called that.

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well, does your mommy know you said B***H on the internet?

I've had friends like this. Key word here is "had". I knew too many girls who'd dump all of their non-problems on me and expect me to listen, but when it came time for me to talk about anything, they'd interrupt me or not listen. So, I ditched these people and found better ones. Do the same, OP.