By lax52389 - United States - Staunton
Today, after working all week on a group project, I realized I forgot to submit the assignment and missed the deadline. I now have to tell my group that we automatically failed. FML
lax52389 tells us more :
FYI it was an honest mistake and the paper was only turned in 8 minutes late...after some frantic talks with my teacher she agreed not to penalize my group and just deduct points from me. Lesson learned!!
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  calilovesneb  |  12

Exactly why I've always hated group projects and usually volunteer to do all the work myself; you can't trust anyone. Especially in school when it comes to your grades.

  \  |  28

OP now has to hide away. Forever.

By  awkwardloveannie  |  28

haven't you ever thought you sent a text/email but then realized you didn't.. since that happened to me I triple check it sends to avoid this problem. sorry use this as a lesson for next time? hope your group isn't to mad

  usarmywife  |  19

I'm with 6 on this, when I was in school, no matter who was supposed to turn in the assignment, I always made sure that I had a copy and submitted it as well. It was part of my grade too and I'll be damned if I'm going to fail because some fucktard forgot to submit homework!


The amount of down votes you received is indicative of the amount of children/teens on this app. A responsible adult would make sure it's turned in. (yes... being an adult means being responsible... age has no bearing in this case...)

By  JoeGrant  |  12

Honestly, I think you should man up, go to the professor and say that it's your fault for not making the deadline, and hope they give your peers an extension. Don't make your classmates/friends suffer for your fuck up. Plus, doing this will make you feel and be a better person.