By moe472 - 24/01/2012 02:47 - United States

Today, my boss fired me because I look like her ex-boyfriend. FML
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randomthing 22

Wtf... is that even legal?

K_kanaka 26

Sue that bitch. It doesn't matter how bad her ex-boyfriend was that's not right.


randomthing 22

Wtf... is that even legal?

GreenAppleDP 0

Definitely not legal. If I were OP, I'd bust her ass with a huge lawsuit.

I'm pretty sure if he was only within his first 3 months of working at the job there isn't much he can do about it. That's how it is where I live anyways. In the first three months you can be fired without reason, or with the old "it just isn't working out".

goodoldave 17

well dammit serves you right for looking like her ex. He obviously planned it. smh. fyl.

poor bastard

I'm assuming there's more to the story than just that But then again maybe not

ParalegalNurse 0

Unless you live in Oklahoma you live in an "at will" state, which means you can get fired at anytime, for any reason as long as it is not discriminating. I highly doubt your boss Put "because he looks like my ex" on the reason for termination. Sorry Op.

Depends on the state...many states hire on a "at will" basis...meaning that they can fire anyone for any reason they want. Yea, they are not supposed to fire for certain reasons (ex. certain religions, or homosexuality) but they can just as easily say "your work was not up to our standards". It is really that easy, and legal.

Skylar246 5

At least op is a guy n not a girl.

82 in addition to that in some states either the employee or the employer can terminate employment for any reason, provided its not discriminatory, without even giving an explanation.

71 - Even in an at-will state, if you get fired for an inappropriate reason you can sue the company and win for wrongful termination. I live in an at-will state and no employer I've worked for would dare fire someone without a good reason.

Illegal. This post, like all FMLs, are FAKE

reapermw2 0

this is not true. I live in Ohio and if I were fired for no legitimate reason, I could sue for unlawful termination.

Kc1001 14

they can fire you for any reason as long as it isn't race, gender, or disability.

pm_sky 0

Your comment :is that legall???

What are you using that leaves "Your comment :" behind?

I swear... Your comments are so stupid

'Your comment' is getting buried in negative votes haha..

You're 36 and this dumb? Oh goodness...

I was going to say possibly from a country that doesn't use english as it's first language. Nope, USA....

danielreader22 4

Tell her to get over it.

Or under you

danielreader22 4

Either way works for me.

K_kanaka 26

Sue that bitch. It doesn't matter how bad her ex-boyfriend was that's not right.

bbedlock_fml 7

I wouldn't have thought 'looking like my ex-boyfriend' would be reasonable grounds for firing.

namasteyourface 2

Yeah I'd ask for that reason in writing. That could end up hilarious

GreenAppleDP 0

I can't believe some people are THAT obnoxious.

topie_fml 6

Well in her case bitches be trifling.

You're picture and comment make up some f'ed up perfectness in my head. (:

Op: What! Why? Boss: *mike posner voice* You look like my ex ex, ex ex...

killstriker 0

No legal sue

Michael_92 20


Tell her she looks like your ex-wife and ask her where your alimony is :)

1poohbear5 7


missL1z 5

For a lady that spiteful,look at the brightside cause you never really wanna out up with a boss like that!

I'm sorry for OP. Nobody should have the authority to fire somebody on those grounds. I don't think it's legal, and your boss is a complete idiot. OP, you're better off far away from that crazy loon.

jacob4592 0

Dang bitch much???????? Both of you cuz if you. Let her fire you like that without saying anything then gezz my man

Yeah because once your boss fires you you can be like "umm how about no?" Only thing OP could do is fight it IF he's not in one of the "right to work" states where they can fire you without cause. Not to mention, who'd want to work for an immature bitch like that anyway?

Please speak English...

*inserts comment into Idiot-English Translation Engine* *whirr* *click* *bzzzz* *DING!* "Wow, isn't she a bitch! Actually, both of you are bitches, because if you let her fire you like that without saying, my friend. I just inhaled exhaust fumes for 10 minutes." You're welcome.

A100893 30

Thank you Doc.