By yolo is for shitheads / Tuesday 9 October 2012 16:07 / United States
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My first question when I call into work: "am I on speakerphone?". I love the OP's username by the way; it really speaks from the heart.


40 & 67, I always assume the call is private and not on speaker phone. But when the Original Posters' co-workers come down with the stomach flu, OP will have the last laugh. And OP's username might be one of the best I've ever seen on FML!


I agree. I don't get why adults finds bowel distress funny. You shit, I shit, everyone shits.


In my opinion, YOLO is one of the worst excuses in history. "Jumped off a building? YOLO." I only use it for threats, such as "You know, Steve, you only live once" while holding a machete.

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