By yolo is for shitheads - 09/10/2012 16:07 - United States

Today, I had to call in sick to work because I was experiencing bowel distress. I called my manager's phone directly so no one else would know of my embarrassment. She put me on speakerphone, and I only realized when the juvenile laughter started. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52


Well hopefully he can get his boss back somehow.

Or.. they need to grow up and not laugh like adults

Hiimhaileypotter 52

What's with all the shit being thrown around today? Lol

My first question when I call into work: "am I on speakerphone?". I love the OP's username by the way; it really speaks from the heart.

40- I ask that question when I'm on the phone in general. You're never safe!

40 & 67, I always assume the call is private and not on speaker phone. But when the Original Posters' co-workers come down with the stomach flu, OP will have the last laugh. And OP's username might be one of the best I've ever seen on FML!

Don't be embarrassed OP. pooping is natural.

I agree. I don't get why adults finds bowel distress funny. You shit, I shit, everyone *****.

SenselessPattern 12

Not according to "Nobody poops but you." book.

yousuck44 11

I thought the book was called everybody poops.

SenselessPattern 12

That's the more popular one, but my parents were hipsters, unfortunately. Now I'm anally confused for life.

Least you didn't let one rip for everyone to hear... And what a bitch

YOLO unless you're Buddhist or you a zombie.

shawnaishere 14

You don't live once. You live everyday but you only die once.

If the Yolotards keep up we're gunna have a Yolocaust

BunchieRules 31

In my opinion, YOLO is one of the worst excuses in history. "Jumped off a building? YOLO." I only use it for threats, such as "You know, Steve, you only live once" while holding a machete.

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41- Yoko Ono Loves Origami is my personal favorite.

Hey when you have to go you have to go.

Inediblepeaches 15

*looks at OP's name* Yolo. ....I'm so sorry, I had to pleasedonthateme >_

Too late. You are now doomed to a lifetime of hatred and misery. RUE THIS DAY, MORTAL!

SenselessPattern 12

Well, you did say please... Nope, still despise your life essence, sorry.

-looks for you- I WILL hunt you down for saying that o.e