By XxJennJennXxX - 20/01/2012 12:13 - United States

Today, I got fired. My coworker decided to imitate my voice, stand outside of my boss's office door, and say insulting things about his daughter. FML
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Damn. That takes skill! But I doubt he's good enough to actually make it sound exactly like you.

Tell him it wasn't you, then beat your co-worker to a pulp. If you are willing to go that far, you probably aren't lying.


Tell your coworker you may go look for a job while they're at the same job tommorow, or you may go visit they're spouse.

What does any of that mean?

The_Troller 14

I don't even...

THEIR spouse... Dipshit

bobbycorwen 5

This don't not make perfect cents. Duh.

35- Of course it doesn't make money...

thatKidzmOm 10

I believe 35 did that on purpose. Or I may be wrong. Who knows these days.

AceArctic 4

Their spouse would be OP's mom or stepmom...

AceArctic 4

Their spouse would be OP's mom or stepmom...

ICaughtFire 4

I wonder if what #1 meant was to tell OP that he should go see his coworkers spouse while said coworker is at work the next day. Kind of like "I may go look for a job today, while you're at work, or I may go see your wife/husband. Who knows?"

Uh, uhm.... How do you reply to something that makes no sense?!

jazbeth94 0

You dont

How about i go visit your spouse? Dumbass.

(74) thanks for the clarification.

Damn. That takes skill! But I doubt he's good enough to actually make it sound exactly like you.

Nevertheless, OP's boss is clearly a dumbf*ck...


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Is your coworker Gabriel Iglesias?

Tell him it wasn't you, then beat your co-worker to a pulp. If you are willing to go that far, you probably aren't lying.

Challenge accepted.

Jakesterk96 8

So as soon as your boss heard those insults, he just assumed it was you without checking?

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Either you have a real easy voice to imitate or he's a vantriliquist.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

The FML never specified the coworker's gender, so it's most likely a woman. Although, it's funnier to pretend it wasn't.

How is it most likely a woman if there is no gender to specify?

Laurenlou 24

51- OP's name says "JennJenn." I'm guessing that OP is female. It would have been easier for another female to imitate her voice, verses a male imitating her voice.

Right, I didn't look at OP's name, my apologies.

Gotta remember that world for scrabble. That'll give me 2x triple word value, it's got a Q and a whole lot of other funky stuff.

like a boss

That's original,

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm with 55; people say that too much and it's getting very annoying. That phrase and "seems legit" are quickly approaching "arrow in the knee" levels of intolerability

Thanks to your co-workers, you can kiss your letter of reference goodbye.

Buttsexpirate 9

Argh! Give me his name. I be in the need for fresh meat. Also kick him in the dick and tell your boss OP. hopefully you'll get your job back.

You should talk like a pirate more often.

KiddNYC1O 20

Agreed. I always read Butt's comments with the voice of the pirate from Spongebob. Lol.

desireev 17

Although that was very rude of your coworker, I wouldn't think your boss would be able to fire you for that. First reason being that it wasn't you who was saying those things. Second reason being that you're supposed to keep all personal matters and feelings outside of the workplace. So him getting mad about the things said about his daughter would be getting mad over a personal matter. I believe that would be wrongful termination. You should check in to that, OP.

RedPillSucks 31

Different states in the US have different laws about wrongful termination. Some states allow a worker to be fired without cause, as long as the cause is not related to gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

JoGeLu 2

No offense, but quit replying you stubborn "know it all". No one cares you "know" everything there is to know.

Fuck off #29, you ignoramous.

desireev 17

Is he talking to me? I don't act like I know it all. That's why I only comment on maybe 2 FMLs a day. I only comment on ones that I, for sure, know about. I really hope he's not talking to me. :(

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32- "This is not the thread you are looking for" There is no 29 here...

37 it must be removed, i cant find it anywhere

33 I see what you're saying, but it obviously doesn't apply to all situations. Imagine if the worker went up to the boss and called his daughter ugly and fat. As well as many other vulgar names. You don't think he could fire him/her for that?

desireev 17

37 and 42- There was a guy on here before and he called someone a stuck up, know-it-all and said some really mean things. But nobody knew who he was talking to.. I guess the mods didn't find the comment too appealing either..

desireev 17

49- No. I don't believe he should be able to fire someone for that. But I am also a firm believer in keeping personal life and matters out of the workplace. To each their own, I guess..

TheDrifter 23

The cause of termination would likely be "creating a hostile work environment" certainly grounds for dismissal most places.

xbella 8

lol now that's a good coworker, willing to get fired with you

Torva_fml 16


GoW_Chick 14

Hey since you're already fired, I say go for broke, and tackle his ass to the ground, show him who's boss, even if it's only for a spilt second.

That could result in charges that make it difficult to find new employment...

GoW_Chick 14

It would be worth it.

apbunome1 0

Not if can't ever get another well paying job