By RestlessDiesel - 18/04/2016 14:40 - United States - Hudson

Today, I pulled off the road to help a turtle cross it. Before I could get out of my car a dump truck ran over the turtle, splattering my car with turtle guts and bits of shell. FML
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Looks like he'll burn in shell.

Looks like you were too slow heheh... I'll leave now


Could've been a red she'll though

Oh please. Everybody knows the blue shell is the one to be feared.

sempisaviour 17

So the turtle's a communist?

Hell, Super Mario is a communist! Y'know, since we're talking about Mario Kart and all, 84. No, seriously, Game Theory did a piece on it.

Looks like you were too slow heheh... I'll leave now

The door is right over there

Looks like he'll burn in shell.

Please get out.

No, please stay in. Keep the puns rolling.

BillysBurgers 5

Unless he has a 1-Up.

SymbioticCarnage 6

This is kinda funny??.

That truck driver has been playing a bit too much Mario Kart

He must be really bad at mario kart, i mean, who runs into the turtles, that slows you down!

Don't you hate when that happens?

That stinks. Hopefully you can wash the car. FYL

UserError94 18

That's the sad part. No matter how hard we hope, washing that car is impossibru

I don't think the dirty car is the "FML" part of this

I'm gonna cry in 3...2...1.... ;-;

modenegg 5

Fuck that turtles life and yours since you need to get a car wash now

That turtle doesn't have a life, no more

modenegg 5


The author never explicitly says it's dead... Zombie Turtle!

Awww that poor turtle. Good for you for trying to help it though.

Can we address the fact that it's a tortoise, and that the two are entirely different?

Frillwee95 12

Coulda been a turtle. Thay can crawl out of water ya know....maybe there was a pond on the other side?

That would be a terrapin. Turtles live in the sea. Okay, I'm done now :D