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Today, I was fired for the second time in as many days. I received a letter notifying me that I would no longer be working for the company, effective immediately. When I did not attend work the next day, I received a phone call firing me for not turning up. FML
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I would have told them how unprofessional they are for not knowing that I had been fired already

Why is anyone saying "sue"? She was sacked and some moron of a manager failed to realise they sent a letter. Sue for what? being sacked twice? Is that a legal issue in your universe? A definite FML moment but not a lawsuit pending you ******* morons.


SirObvious 1

Yeah...were going to have to let you gooo...

Yeah, but we'll keep your resume.... 'on file' in case we have an opening. *Condescending HR Manager*

You're lucky OP, only a matter of time before that ship sank.

am I the only one who feels the letter was fake :(

This is probably the same person who corrected their bosses grammar.

*on*, I don't like to correct grammar, but I'm picturing something really weird from that sentence.

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Like a patch of four leaf clovers sprouting from their abdomen?

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15 I was thinking something similar, but I literally busted out laughing when I read your comment because it caused me to picture it.

Bad times! But I've got to say, your postal service seems much more efficient than mine.

I would have told them how unprofessional they are for not knowing that I had been fired already

They were just making sure OP got the memo. Some people get fired and go back to work the next day anyway.

I just seems OP got fired FOR not showing up to work after she got fired.

And for not redialing, you will receive an email for being fired from being fired.

hopefully they fired the wrong person the 1st time, so ask them about it. if not, prank calling is always fun.

Sounds like a really elaborate plot to find a reason to fire you.

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So what does your pic say? what does it mean?? How did u get it to jump? ;-)

OH YEAH LETS ******* SUE You sneeze? Sue. Use "Your" instead of "You're"? Sue. Your dog's crap smells like shit? Sue. Sometimes I wonder if people know how time-consuming and stressful it can be. And I'm not even talking about money. Sometimes it's not worth it, even if you have a case.

I swear I'm not PMSing, I swear! lol I know I sound a bit (lot) bitchy :/

Try to just keep on working there. Maybe nobody notices..^^