By dak-rod423 - 15/10/2011 04:33 - United States

Today, my balls were stepped on while I was taking a nap in the park. The man said he didn't see me lying there. I was wearing a neon orange jacket. FML
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Why were your balls taking a nap in the park?

Im2Handsom 1

Lucky that woke you up, instead of a man throwing you in his van.


Why were your balls taking a nap in the park?

YourEvilHero 12

why were you napping in a park? seems like you were right in the middle and not off to the side somewhere with all the homeless people.... and my mom.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I saw this while moderating FMLs, it originally said that OP was sleeping on a bench. I'm curious as to how the man stepped in his balls while OP was laying on the bench?

His balls were tired, obviously, from the excessive work they had to deal with.

A post said HE was taking a nap in the park, stupid

To soon 18

Kefka91 15

47- Actually, the first sentence is a dangling modifier so it does read as his balls were the ones napping. It would be grammatically correct if he had said something like, "Today, while I was taking a nap in the park,..." Learn you some grammar!

Capt_Beerman1942 0

Lol dangling modifier. How appropriate.

xosportsgirl14x 8

18- not too soon, just too unfunny.

Sorry. I made them tired

thepatty8474 10

18- Yup, although NOW it isnt to late, cuz he's been dead for like 3-5 years...

Cough** Hes only been dead for two.... Op havent you ever thought maybe the jackets the reason his foot touched your testicles because he was blinded by the 80's?

Ydi for wearing a neon orange jacket.

He was probs protesting

2ndSucks 15

97- Have you ever heard of a public library?

Maybe he was blinded by the 80's

103 yes I'm sure they have. What does that have to do with anything?

Maybe he was colour blind?

There was no problem with him seeing you...he just saw a bright orange sign that said "step on balls here" pointing straight at your family jewels. Sounds like he deserved a swift kick in the balls as payback. ;)

Ydi for wearing a neon orange jacket

Haaha definitely deserve to gets your junk stepped on for wearing a neon jacket

Or op is a ninja

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CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

.. Well, you shouldn't have been taking as nap in the park then.

...Well you shouldnt tell op off for taking "as nap" if you can't think of something better to say

Well, he was probably napping in the park cause he wanted to get raped or mugged.

bizarre_ftw 21

Well you shouldn't be an idiot and instead see that op probably didn't Want to have to sleep in a park but instead had No Other Option!! Honestly learn to read between the lines!! (either that or he's a biker that decided to randomly stop and sleep :/ )

koolkat27 13

90- if he was homeless, then how would he be able to post shit on FML?

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

Omg one typo. Gtfo.

omgcookeys 15

97, maybe he went to the apple store.

Soulcatcherteej 6

Or maybe he's at Occupy Wall Street...

Im2Handsom 1

Lucky that woke you up, instead of a man throwing you in his van.

Thizzkidsgotgame 7

Lol wtf?

* punches you in the face* "oh I didn't see you there."

Look on the bright side, you ARE the bright side!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Finally! An FML that has a bright side...literally!

Buttsexpirate 9

Shouldn't have let your balls out unprotected. Crazy shit goes on in parks

The_Troller 14

It's always fun...until some kid starts playing stickball with them.

are those pirate balls in your photo?

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11 - You have no idea how vulnerable us men are down there. You can reduce any man to tears with minimum effort by aiming below the belt.

Its like dudes giving us girls titty twisters.. Not a good experience.

Just balls? Balls enable us to reproduce. No balls, no humanity.

BellaBelle_fml 23

How is that living in the past? Please elaborate...

I agree seeb! Balls allow all of mankind to thrive. They're always in the background, rarely in the spotlight; working constantly day and night only to have their hard work die on sheets of kleenex in the trash. Trampled on, bounced around in inadequate garments, balls are the unsung heroes of procreation. Let not their struggles go unnoticed and let us celebrate Balls today as I claim the first ever International Ball Violence Awareness Day!

26 believe me it's worse

At least, now they can match your jacket.

The only way his balls would be neon orange would be if he decided to rub Kraft dinner powdered cheese on them.

LOL 15 :D what happened to the sandpaper+balls analogy?

dompa2011 0