By Lizofsmeg - 26/10/2009 16:24 - United Kingdom

Today, I was walking in the park when I was hit on the shin by a red ball. I was confused, until it was followed by an enormous German Shepherd dog going at top speed. FML
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Awesome. This actually made me laugh. not really an FML though.

I couldn't figure out why a ball was getting bigger and bigger as it was coming towards me. Then it hit me.


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So a doggie was chasing his ball. So what?

so did u get knocked over and fall into a trash can or what? please, don't leave us hanging! pfft...

Awesome. This actually made me laugh. not really an FML though.

Oh trust me, thats an FML alright. I have a German Shepard, and when she runs into you, it hurts, a lot.

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I love the way this one was categorised >_>

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You should seriously avoid big dogs' red balls.

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^THIS. Anyways, I hope you didn't get hurt.

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you got to play with a puppy? who doesnt love doggies? Not FML

I'm pretty sure it isn't fun to have a very large and heavy dog barrel into your legs and knock you to the ground when completely unaware of it about to happen.

first one to make me laugh in a long time

Accidents can happen to anyone, but it helps to keep an eye on your surroundings. Also, try using MLIA instead.

Ouch, that must have hurt... I know how those shepherd dogs can get overenthousiastic sometimes XD Did he bite you in the face?