By badatgenders - 03/10/2009 22:49 - Norway

Today, I was dining out with some friends when a hot guy on the table next to us smiled at me. Flattered, I smiled back at him several times. On his way out, he laid a napkin with his number at my table. I didn't notice, too busy looking at the yellow dress and the pink pumps he was wearing. FML
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ok ok, OP/badatgenders (and no, I'm not making that my average FML name) speaking, after reading all of these comments I feel like 99% of you got it wrong: THIS WAS NOT A TRANSVESTITE MALE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. THIS WAS A WOMAN (probably a lesbian), WITH A MALE-ISH FACE. My friends (who thought this was hilarious) googled the phone number and turns out; her name is Linda. So, you christians and atheists and every other religious/not religious member of this website; peace and love! no need for fighting here, ok? SHE was also wearing a black blazer with heavy shoulderpads, so I didnt see the dress until she stood up. Maybe I should have guessed, but I was half-drunk, and honestly believed it was a guy. The tables was set up in a way that made some of the view blocked by this shemale's friends and so on, blah blah blah. I did not notice the phone number at first when she walked out, since I was too shocked over the fact that I thought she was a guy, but I saw it after that she and her friends had left. Any more questions? Thanks for calling me an ignorant ass and a dumb ****! I totally agree guys, I probably need some glasses. But bye bye! I gotta go. My friends are spreading this all over facebook and my father (friend at facebook, strangely enough) are wondering if his daughter has becomed a lesbian, after all. Later!

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Yellow dress and pink pumps? Those don't match at all!

I think I'd call him just out of curiosity rather than genuine interest in a relationship O_o


just wondering... how would you know he put it there if you didn't see it..... hmmmmm

I know some guys dress like girls... but pink pumps with a yellow dress? C'mon... even my dad can colour cordinate...

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I think I'd call him just out of curiosity rather than genuine interest in a relationship O_o

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I'd actually be somewhat interested... someone who's confident enough to walk around in public wearing clothes that society looks down on. I would be too embarrassed to go out in public with him though (I am VERY shy and don't like people looking at me), but there's nothing wrong with a guy who wears women's clothes. No one judges a woman who wears men's clothes... it's a double standard! Also, transvestites are straight 90% of the time, no matter what other people claim.

...I think OP meant that the "guy" was just a very masculine looking woman. Her nickname is "badatgenders"... so that's the impression I was left with.

Yeah, I think she meant that "he" was actually a butch woman.

I think she was too busy to notice the number on the napkin:s

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he's a girl, the name of OP's tag is "badatgenders"

Yellow dress and pink pumps? Those don't match at all!

If he was ON the table, how did the OP not notice his clothes?

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Because he wasn't actually on top of the table?

I agree, Null. This guy - or butch woman, whatever it was - has really awful taste. Therefore, their future children would have bad taste, and grow up to be ridiculed and shunned, and finally be put in the loony bin. OP and Dress Man would have to constantly be there to take care of their fully-grown, crazy children, and become utterly stressed from the kids being so clingy and dependent. OP and Dress Man will eventually break from said stress and go insane themselves. And this is why OP shouldn't call him.

so...was it a dude in a dress? or a very manly lookin hot chick.

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Lmao at least u can share clothes

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I wouldn't. Yellow dress and pink pumps? Those don't even match. I'd hate to see what other kinds of things he/she owns.

Actually yellow and pink match well and are a popular combination depending upon the shade of each color. Anyone here ever heard of sun dresses or pastels?

Cross-dressing man, or man-looking woman who likes other woman... It shouldn't be THAT hard to tell.

Give him a call so if a man or woman answers?

I'm not sure if she's going girl. She might be going cross-dressing man tonight! (Commas are your friends, silly.)

It's probably best you don't date. Imagine if he came to pick you up and you were both wearing the same dress...AWKWARD. But also VERY HAWT!

It could've easily been a hazing. For instance, if he is a rookie on a sports team, they are made to do some interesting things. I know a university team where every rookie has to wear women's underwear and run around down town, then play a game of football in the park (still in underwear) but at least they get rewarded with a massive party at the end of it