By Ania - 15/10/2011 05:13 - United States

Today, I went shopping with my mom. I went into my department and tried on some clothes. After a few minutes, there is an announcement that a child has gone missing. Staff are searching the store. I see my mom and she hugs me in tears and yells, "I found her!" I'm almost 17. FML
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YourEvilHero 12

I wonder how good she is at finding Waldo...

I don't think getting someone else looking for Waldo is the way to approach it.

I remember when I went shopping with my mum...

83, I hope that was some shitty shot at sarcasm.

Coulda avoided this by telling where you were going

88- Hi. I'm a doctor. But it doesn't take one to see that 8 people get 82's sarcasm. 11 think your comment sucks.

136- I saw her first. Back off, I'll stuff YOU later.

150, it doesn't take you for me to understand that. I can see the thumbs down for me and her thumbs up myself, so obviously I just didn't get it.

154- my medical diagnosis is that you are.... A ******* TROLL!!!

154- I hope one day you understand FML...

158, I'm not the one you need to worry about. I get FML more than heaps of people on this site. It just happens that I was a bit too sleepy last night whilst on this site, and I ****** up - it happens.

170- You clearly do not. Your comments are repeatedly failing. I suggest you try again another day on another post.

catharsis5 9

no she's just afraid to lose her free child labor

I wonder though did she really get scared of losing her 17 year old or was there another factor. Parents love to embarrass their kids. Either way would be funny to see that happen

addiizcherry 0

No her mom is a baby. She needs to realize if her daughter is missing to call her. It's understandable if they are 6 but...

smiles2334 0

my mom does this to me too but she doesn't cry. she gets mad that I walked away from her. I'll be 18 in 2 weeks.

Yeah How dare she care for her child :D my gawd what has the world come too. *God*

mintcar 9

Umm, how is her mom a tool? She freaked out a little bit, but it's obvious OP's mom really cares for her. I'm 22, and that's probably what my mom would do. She goes a little overboard sometimes, too.

I'm only 15.... and I find it annoying when my mom calls me in stores.... it's embarrassing..:P

She isn't a tool for caring about her child - that's normal. She is a tool for having lost all sense of perspective.

109 it may be embarrassing but I'd rather that then be forgotten surge store that shows that she has more important things than you. I guess your saying you want your mom not to give a rats ass about you eh? Man what's up with a lot if kids these days I'm 19 and gossip with my mom walk arm in arm with her and all these other things. You shouldn't be embarrassed that you your mom loves you and especially don't be embarrassed to show you love her back. She brought you in this work and she can take you out too.

Pretty sure she can't take op out of this "work"

140- I don't think a mother can really take her child out of the world, that would more than likely be illegal. And it's not that some kids don't love their mother or are embarrassed by them, it's when they go overboard. Some things just aren't meant to be done in public, such as what happened in this FML. I love my mom to death, but really having something like this happen would just be a hell of a face palm moment. I'm sure they want their mothers to care, just to a lesser extent. Anyway I lost my train of thought, so I'll stop before I dig myself into a deeper hole.

140 well by saying they can take us out of this world implies MURDER. Also, moms go overboard sometimes. It's just their instinct as mothers.

Have you guys not watched the Cosby show? It was a quote bill Cosby told his son when his son was saying he didn't want to go to college and ya, go watch it it's super funny. But no I agree ops situation was over board yes, but I see so many of my friends resent their parents for showing a small amount of affection or being mad of they're late for their curfew. Those actions just Reilly upset me and show me the individual has no respect for their parents.

Awww...Ambamm can you come talk to my daughter, please?

Imagine what would've happened if they hadn't found you in time!

Like if you were still in the dressing room, your mom would've broken down and had a heart attack.

At least she cares... But must've been embarrassing

Ops age is a little sus.. Almost 17 could mean anything from 5-16 years old

Yes because being 5 is so close to being 17 is'nt it?

yeah and a 5 year old can definitely write an FML.

You have a loving mom, you're lucky some people don't.

Why is the op lucky that some people don't have loving mothers? Kidding! Use commas, thanks.

Thank YOU, I was going to make the same point about the use of commas! I too, am a grammar nazi!

SimpleMinds_fml 7

EvilPotato. People like you are really annoying. I could say that for any FML. FML about kids, boyfriend or girlfriend, food, pets, etc. Atleast you have a kid that cares. Atleast you have a caring boyfriend or girlfriend, atleast you have food to eat. Some people don't. The point of the FmL is that she has an embarrassing, over protective mother. Enjoy it and stop making bullshit excuses.

FlyingLazerWALRU 0 least you know your mom loves you that much.

Im2Handsom 1

Well at least tell her that your going regardless of your age

Did you not tell her you were going to try on some clothes? Because if you just dissapeared she has the right to be worried.

I'm sure OP has a cell phone. She could have easily texted OP.

What is your point? Your arguement makes no sense.

I'm saying that instead of having an announcment made about a lost child, her mother could have called or texted OP. Just my own opinion.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Unless the mom doesn't have a cell phone. Or OP didn't. Or they didn't both have them with them. Or there was no service like in a lot of stores and malls. Or the mom thought OP was kidnapped and therefore wouldn't be able to answer a cell...

naughty_angel94 0

I had a cell phone and well as my cousin when we went to the store and we told my mon we were going to look for things for a baby shower and it was my mon who didn't have her phone so she ha to call over the announcement. We are both 17, was only slightly embarrassing. At least we know she cares...and a little lazy. Lol

You have a mon? And she ha to make an announcement? Mon? Ha?

grafixxx687 0

well maybe OP didnt have her fone with her that day..with kidnapping and rapists around a true loving mother would get worried if she cudnt find her young daughter..

At least she loves and wants to make sure You're safe.