By Anonymous - 14/9/2019 00:02 - United Kingdom

Scruffy 'erbert

Today, I was in the garden of my new house when a neighbour came over and told me to clear off or she would call the owner to tell them they were being burgled. When I told her I was the owner, she said I was clearly unsuitable to be living on this street, and to stop lying before she called the police. FML
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By  Phil  |  14

I'm sorry that this happened to you. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this was in the United States, and that you're of the "wrong" race in the witches(that's witch with a B)opinion. Unfortunately under the current administration those people(and I'm using that word loosely), feel like they have permission to act like that.

By  slym12312425  |  8

Tell her to call the police and go inside, get all of the documents that show you are the legal owner/lawful occupant of the residence, and once everything is cleared with the police, ask that she be arrested for trespassing and criminal harrassment.