By Sarah - United States
Today, my mom barged into my room at three in the morning, demanding to know where I'd been. I'd been in my room sleeping since ten o'clock. In that time she had called the police, all of my friends, and my ex-boyfriend, asking if I was with them. FML
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  LeafsGuy92  |  10

Wouldn't both OP and her mom have cellphones? Maybe a text or simple phone call.. If her mom doesn't have a cell, I'm certain that OP does, therefore her mom could call her cell from the house line? (Assuming OP has a calling plan)

  azularayne  |  17

Some people are just doesn't matter how obvious op's location was. One time, I went out for a walk (telling my mother I was doing so on the way out) and then returned 20 minutes later. I walked past her, said "hey mom" and grabbed a soda from the kitchen (that she was currently standing in) and went downstairs. Not 15 minutes later she called me on my cell asking where I was and if I'd be home in time for dinner. When I mentioned I was already home she was genuinely surprised. -_-

By  LovesSushi  |  25

That happened once to my sister. My mom was afraid she was dead in the river behind our house. She was actually sleeping under her bed... Is that where you were sleeping?

  Otonashi_fml  |  5

My mum did the same fucking thing when she couldn't reach me over my mobile phone immediately.
The difference: I live over 500 kilometers away from home. I think she is obsessed or something though, she once attacked me with scissors because she didn't want me to go to a friends brithday party.

  chriisteex  |  10

Why the hell does everyone think being called skinny is a compliment? Maybe for those who are trying to lose weight but if you've been naturally thin your whole life and have always been called a twig and how you could "break me in half" then telling me to eat a "sammich" is not really advice of endearment.