By Chelsea - 18/05/2013 08:57 - Australia - Perth

Today, my bag got stolen with all of my belongings at the beach. After being forced to ask strangers for money, I then travelled home on the train for an hour, wearing only a bikini. FML
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My mother told me that she once had to walk home topless from the beach when her friend accidentally took all of her clothes.

olpally 32

That's a nightmare. Yikes. At least people were kind enough to give you money for the train ride home.


My mother told me that she once had to walk home topless from the beach when her friend accidentally took all of her clothes.

Woah... I wouldn't want to hear that story from my mom.

Contrary to popular belief, our parents were young once. I know, I know, the knowledge that they were comes as quite a shock to you. Personally, I love hearing stories from my parents' youth. Not only do I sometimes learn valuable lessons but I can also chuckle along with them.

#1s story is a lot funnier than most I've heard. It would not bother me to hear this.

Your parents have also had sex #7. Oh the humanity lol.

#38 Don't forget your grandparents had sex too and could very well still have sex. :3

groovycrazyjoe 18

kinda hard to believe to me you telling no one (woman) was nice enough to give her something

I really hope they aren't. All four of mine are dead.

"Accidentally." Well, at least the passerby were happy.

Pray to god OP doesn't live on the Armadale line!

grahmagog 14

At least you were wearing something i guess

friedpwnadge 25

It was an Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini That she wore for the first time todayyyy~

olpally 32

That's a nightmare. Yikes. At least people were kind enough to give you money for the train ride home.

Who wouldn't give money to a helpless girl in a bikini?

olpally 32

Touché. Well, from what I've seen on FML, people can often be more cruel to the people posting the FML. I don't see a lot of nice people helping the op out after something bad happens to the op originally, usually it's a snowball effect.

rg350dx 29

I'm sure asking for money in a bikini wasn't the worst form of attire to perform such an activity.

loserboii 11

Well at least she wasn't in a bikini in the streets. That would look worse ;)

In a bikini with stilettos on ;)

And hot pink fishnets.

MorganBrown 8

That is why you should get out what you really need, like sunblock, your towels, and maybe lunch, and leave the more important belongings inside the car with the lock on. That's what I do at least. FYL, and good luck replacing everything.

she might have come with the train too though

MorganBrown 8

Maybe, but I'd still be a bit cautious of leaving my belongings in a spot where I couldn't see anyone taking things.

Maybe her keys were in the bag that got stolen...

MorganBrown 8

I can't solve EVERY situation, I was just suggesting. If that happened, that would suck. Don't know what to say on it.

You can say maybe something else is what happened all day, because there will always be a situation where his suggestion won't work. No need to criticize every suggestion to death.

MorganBrown 8

Her* and thank you.

Was there a pole on the train? Might as well make some more money. Seriously tho, sorry OP that sucks.


Congratulations, you master of the obvious, you

MorganBrown 8

I agree and to quite disturbing. I honestly think these new "trends" lead the teen pregnancy because the way they dress and they change their attitudes to more...throwing themselves out there. I really hate to see the future clothing ... If there is any at that.

There wasn't a religious mom on the beach who gave you at least a towel??

That's what i was thinking too! there wasn't one person that could sacrifice a $5.00 t-shirt? O.o Sorry OP, I love going to the beach alone, but this is exactly why I won't stay longer than 2 or 3 hours. As soon as I have to go to the bathroom, it's time to leave!

Who spends three hours taking a shit??

90: Taco Bell customers.

at least you weren't at a nudist beach...

SmittyJA24 26

Hey! What's wrong with the nude beach?

I was permanently banned from a nude beach. I guess they didn't appreciate my camera gear and binoculars. :(

25- Lol! Following the chain of events, Op would have been riding the train home in only her skin. ;)

She didn't mean it like that. If OP had been at nudist beach then she would of had to take the bus with nothing on

rg350dx 29

36. Really? I thought she meant that aliens frequently beam down lions from space to maul unsuspecting civilians at nude beaches. Well I guess to each his own...weirdo.

33 you didn't read 25's sign? Rules are rules! Where I live, there's a nude beach but the waves are so rough that any attempt to enter the water would easily crush a man's balls.

SmittyJA24 26