By Anonymous - 25/08/2013 18:21 - Canada - Grand Falls

Today, I was at the beach. I'd recently decided to try the "life hack" where you empty out a bottle of lotion and hide small valuables in it, to avoid them being stolen. I'd put the bottle in my bag. Instead of stealing stuff from inside it, though, someone just stole the whole bag. FML
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Never go swimming at the beach by yourself.


Never go swimming at the beach by yourself.

Its a possibility she was with her friends at the time in the water.

The best way to keep your actual valuables safe is to put them in a plastic baggy and bury it in the sand (a good ways down) next to your towel. Put a shell on it that won't attract a lot of attention, and done. Not many people think to dig in the sand when they're trying to steal like that.

#28 "Mommy, mommy! While digging I found a plastic bag filled with a phone, money, and a ring in it!"

How I hide my valuables: 1. Don't ever get a job. 2. Don't get money from a job so you don't have valuables. 3. Don't have valuables, so you never lose. No, but seriously- people will steal just about anything these days. Your best bet is to surgically implant a storage area in your stomach, and just swallow your stuff. When you're done- throw it back up. I should patent that...

xStaciexLynnx 15

28- I would feel like everyone was watching me and I would make myself a more obvious target. I'd be so shady and obvious about it looking around like nobody ever digs in the sand so clearly I'm hiding something.

You guys are genius. I always hide it under the towel..

#36, that wouldn't happen. Kids don't go digging around right next to other people's towels, they go by the water or by their own towels. Besides, the person could always bury the bag under they're towel and put a shell on it.

Or maybe Canadians aren't as stereotypically nice as people think.

TheDrifter 23

Nope, we like our stereotypes, OP must have been on vacation out of the country.

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Couldn't agree more with #42. I've been living in Canada since 2001 and can say with confidence, we - Canadians are very nice people :)... But seriously OP, why did you think someone at the beach would go through your bag and be noticed when they can just take the whole bag and go through it later? Best of luck though, hope you didn't have anything too valuable in it.

K410 18

Wait until you come to Toronto

Or Oshawa... I wouldn't suggest going to the beach there.

So sorry OP :/ if you have a bag that zips try hiding it under the sand!

Well it would be under the sand, so you wouldn't need to worry about that.

But you might need to worry about a kid digging it up.

potatomanjr 16

You can always dig a hole, then put your towl over where you just burried your items. But if you are going to a public place like that, leave your valuable items in the car, or just don't bring them.

Sounds like you could use a lifeshark

could you just imagine the thief: "Ah time for some me time oh yeah" *opens lotion*....this will do

You are better leaving your valuables in your car...that way they will never get stolen...

Unless someone breaks into your car...

Who would steal/break into a car at a busy beach? Someone would notice...

people mind their own business. Have you ever seen someone breaking into their own car because they left their keys in it? have you helped them do it? what if it wasnt actually their car?

Type it in on Google or elsewhere. They show you (primarily) how to do cool things with ordinary objects to make your life easier!

Thanks for the life hack tip though OP :D

That's why you throw up in it-to protect it!

Or have a stranger do it for you. It's more likely to work if its not your own vomit.

So that's what that guy in yesterday's fml was doing! And here we all thought he was trying to steal her purse, when he was a gentleman preventing it from being stolen instead! ...The more you know..

No way Hosea! That guy was actually the nicest man in town.

#65 - I believe that #49 was making a sort of play on the phrase (like "Oh, my God!" = "Oh, my gatos!"), replacing the original with Hosea, a Hebrew prophet, to the best of my (open-to-correction) knowledge. Also, if you are dedicated to being correct, then it is "José."

In my house we say Hosea. It's just a play on the original. Sorry to José if it offended him.

You should try the life hack where you leave valuables at home... Decreases the chances of getting robbed by 100%.

That is completely untrue. People's houses get robbed all the time. I personally lost about a thousand dollars worth of stuff a few years ago when someone broke into my house.

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Why were you stupid enough to leave your bag unattended then? YDI

MissCharlotte_fml 26

I know right! The whole point of the hack is to just have the bottle out, then people think it is just sunscreen. Putting it in your bag is probably the stupidest thing to do, it defeats the whole idea

Phoebe_Buffay 14

Well, c'mon OP, when someone steals something, they're probably in a rush to get away from the scene. They're not going to rummage through a bag, they're gonna take the whole thing and rummage later. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to say YDI.