By michelleccali - 21/12/2009 10:32 - United States

Today, it was our 6 month anniversary. My boyfriend didn’t get me a present or take me out to dinner. Instead he cried to me about how much he hates his life while he repeatedly punched himself in the face. Then he dropped me off to spend time with his mom. FML
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Ok, yes I am a teenager. The reason I was so upset over him not doing anything for our 6 months together was because he made sure I got him a present, and told me a bunch of times that he was planning something fun. So he got my hopes up for nothing. Then when I got sad about it, he got mad at me and pretty much ignored me.

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Monthly anniversary? How stupid.

6 month anniversary? Get a life, you greedy little girl.


first bitches

Seriously.... why did you put ketchup in his sammich...? why just why Your lucky he didn't gamble off his life, or took a bucket full of paracetemel YDI now get practising

You know, maybe this is why he went to his mothers instead of spending time with you. Your being very selfish! Your boyfriend obviously needed you at that time because something was bothering him and upset him deeply, but you were too blind by your own greedyness to see it. You need to apologize to him and show your MAN the love and support he deserves. Next time, Put his feelings first, not your own.

YDI it for wanting to celebrate 6 months. What are you, 15? Get off FML.

Ok, yes I am a teenager. The reason I was so upset over him not doing anything for our 6 months together was because he made sure I got him a present, and told me a bunch of times that he was planning something fun. So he got my hopes up for nothing. Then when I got sad about it, he got mad at me and pretty much ignored me.

what an asshole. i know when you're young 6 months seems like a long time and for him to play up to it probably made it that much more important.. you should breakup with him.... why am i the only one that thinks punching himself in the face is fucking psycho?? That's NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR... you don't want to have to put up with that kind of dramatic shit so early on.. imagine if he actually had real problems like debt and financial stress!!! he'll probably end up killing himself one day, so you should get out now!!! and also, if you end up staying w/ him and getting married and/or have kids w/ him, you're kids will most likely have those same fucked up genes as him.. your young, get out fast!!!

Do you know what was wrong with him, or you still didn't ask? He might have some problems which are more important than your semianniversary. I guess he screwed something up, something very important, like a major exam, thus he's mad at himself.

So, have you ever thought that he had money problems and couldn't get you anything, and was depressed and despondent about it because of your high expectations? Grow a little compassion and try seeing things through another person's eyes. He let you down and it obviously set off something bigger inside of himself. Maybe he's unhappy with his financial situation or family life. Maybe something really awful got in the way of his being able to give you a gift. If you don't stop thinking only of yourself, though, you'll never know what's really in his heart. Grow up.

You were a little selfish for expecting something regardless of whether you got him a gift, but what he was doing was some pretty deranged behavior. If punching himself in the face is his way of dealing, he has some issues that you're way unqualified to solve. Also, why is it that anytime a girl says she's depressed or having problems and wants her bf to help with it on here, she's told to suck it up and quit whining; yet when this girl's bf is depressed and having problems and wants her to help him with it, she's being selfish for not doing so?

I don't agree - anyone who punches himself in the face is unstable. FHL? I think not. If she wants to stay with him, she should try to convince him to seek help. Self-abuse can lead to abuse against others - I've seen it happen before, unfortunately. If he won't seek counseling, it's time to find a new boyfriend. It might sound selfish, but you really do have to look out for yourself with people like that. This relationship could turn very toxic, very quickly.

None of this wouldn't have happened if you would have just gave him a sloppy bj

Nice change of story ;)

why the hell would you expect a fricken present u should just be happy if your with him... and btw what whould you expect for him to get you?? a ring!! a praposal?? jeez dont expect anything or ur a damn begger...

He sounds a whiner. Dump him

... my boyfriend didnt do anything on our one year anniversary.

Seems a bloody face Is more fun than time with you Try putting out more

Dr_Haiku I love you. There, I said it. OP, get less selfish. OP's boyfriend, get less weird.

BritishHobo...for me it wasn't true love until I read your name. Brilliant

That sucks, but in this case where he is physically hurting himself and repeating "he hates his life" is where you should've not given a shit and comforted him!

Monthly anniversary? How stupid.

+1 An anniversary is once a year. If you celebrate once a month, you should call it Monthiversary (yeah it's not a word, I know, but I hate people who use Anniversary wrong!) Maybe that's why he hates his life, because you celebrate these damn things too often.

My boyfriend and I would call them mensaversaries since mensa- is the latin word of month.

agreed! it's very childish to have monthly anniversaries. Not to mention hard on the wallet

I agree. YDI for complaining. It's just six months, it's nothing special. On top of that YDI even more for staying with someone who is so childish and dumb, that they would do something like punch themselves in the face, then run crying to their mommies.

Also making a big deal out of it means you'll get more dumb FMLs just because something 'amazing' didn't happen that day. You can't get annoyed that your day wasn't the most perfectest day ever just because three hundred and one days ago you two got together.

Monthly anniverseries are stupid but six months, that's half a year so.. I consider it to be something to celebrate. not with presents though haha

Any cause for a celebration is sweet. Life is short. What a hater

Sounds like a bit of a whiny loser. I'd dump him if I were you.

She's a whiny loser too, they're perfect for each other. What would those 2 do if they didn't have each other (or other crap) to whine about? Procreate. Which is clearly what we DON'T want.

I don't even know when my anniversary is.. I'm not sure my boyfriend does either....

stupid double post

give the guy a break...maybe he has had a rough life.

I agree...Life sucks sometimes, and all you want is love and attention. May be selfish, but that's how life is

that's what you get for trying to celebrate half of an anniversary

6 month anniversary? Get a life, you greedy little girl.

Yeah that's nothing, for my 100th wedding anniversary my husband shot me 5 times and then had a group orgy with a bunch of Victoria's Secret models right in front of me, and you think YOU have it bad?? Selfish OP!!!


lol...these 2 posts...

6 month anniversary of dating? Oh boo hoo... you two will probably break up soon anyway.

what a joyful person you are?