By Anonymous - 19/09/2010 00:36 - Austria

Today, my bag, including phone, money, keys and cards, was stolen. In a church. During my wedding. FML
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LittleMissRaven 0

There's a saying: The worse the wedding, the better the marriage. Here's to an AWESOME, long, and happy marriage.

jjames7543 13

da-da-da-damn :/


jjames7543 13

da-da-da-damn :/

jjames7543 13

(think of the wedding theme)

turtlemansam 6

You know what they say!

What does having an iPhone have to do with this?

xlostwithoutu 0

Wow that. Sucks. Why do. People type. Like this. In every. FML.

MissErikaHart 0

cuz with mobile me for iPhone u can track ur iPhones location and find who or where ur stuff is

you deserved it for getting married.

MadameJello 0

I love your shirt btw :)

that sucks, but it goes to show people out there are scum :/

Melaniee_fml 0

obviously someone in the church was not okay with you marrying this guy.

ydi for improper grammar

bballnsoftball 0

I heard about sumthing like this but is was near Boston and it was a guests purse tht was stolen. sum ppl...

chuk_norris_fml 0

Why the hell would you assume it's stolen, OP??? You probably just misplaced it. Benefit of the doubt, OP. Seriously!

Jadwee96 8

in Soviet Russia, you don't steal bag, bag steal you.

F 100's life for being so annoying.

Awww... I'm sorry OP! That really sucks! Hope the rest of your day went better than the *first* part!

yomomasmoma 0

hopefully it did but uuuuh pun fail :/

iicaptainjr 0


i was first but my comment isnt there any more :(

Buchitoo 4

that suck. but don't let that ruin your wedding day.

Imnewhere 21

hi beauful

your a pretty sexy have beatiful eyes

Buchitoo 4

thanks guys :-)

Buchitoo 4

well thnks leftypitcher :-) . and hi imnewhere.

UpYoursInAdvance 0

Buchitoo I swear to God if that's your real picture then you REALLY need to marry me..

hmmm.. maybe there was a wedding crasher? .. or don't just don't trust your family and friends anymore =(

churches are actually one of the most likely places for theft because thrives know the people are trusting there. Last year we got a guitar, a ps3 and half our mission trip money stolen

LittleMissShani 0

Wow that's horrible:/

astroid714 0

it's a sign marry me instead bahaha that blows fyl

farmvillelovah 0

OMG That Sucks! :|

perdix 29

How convenient! The sinner scored some sweet loot, and then could confess his sin right then and there to ease his conscience. It's one-stop shopping for low-lifes. #1 suspect: Your new husband. I'll bet the ensuing identity theft will be one wedding gift you and your husband wish you could return, but I'm sure the thief wasn't thoughtful enough to include a gift receipt.