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Today, I spent my entire paycheck on a new summer wardrobe. I then left my shopping bags on the train. FML
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You'd think that if you spent all that money on some clothes, you'd be more careful with the bags. YDI


You'd think that if you spent all that money on some clothes, you'd be more careful with the bags. YDI

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1- One would think so, but then again, I am getting the feeling that common sense is something OP lacks in the first place. Who blows all of their money on season-specific clothing all at once, unless they are fairly wealthy?

33- Perhaps OP was treating herself. We all deserve over indulgence once in a while. :)

Op is probably under aged, seeing as how she spent the whole paycheck on clothes rather than on rent and/or food. She'll learn as she gets older. Sadly, more or less like this.

You got married too young but at least you know what you want so congrats and i hope you will be happy

65: There's no specific age to get married. As long as they love each other and are mature enough to handle it, why not?

65- Where the **** did that come from?

73: Most people under 25 aren't mature enough to handle it. Half the people over 25 aren't mature enough either.

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This seems a little irresponsible. Guessing that you had many bags, because you spent your whole paycheck and it was a whole wardrobe, you would see all of those bags right next to you. Hence remembering "my very important bags! Must bring them off with me!" you see? This is how most people remember important objects, by sight.

33 - "Unless they are fairly wealthy" maybe you just answered your own question.

But you dont go spending all your money on clothes.

Unfortunately it's not called common sense anymore. It's now called critical thinking. That is the degree to which our society is degrading.

More like woman. Haha, jk jk, but really, how many men spend an entire paycheck on clothes.

22 - My fiancé came close to once, back when we didn't have any bills to pay.

So did my husband.... That was BC. Before children. Those were the hedonistic days...

This might double post, since my first one isn't showing up. My boyfriend makes three times what I make, and spends most of it on clothes, with a tiny portion going to rent and food. He lives paycheck to paycheck despite how much he makes. Yes, men do it too.

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Maybe she went subway? they don't have trains where I live... (or subways, but I think subway systems are a bit more common.. but hey, I could be mistaken)

In Briabane we just have trains and no subways. I thought they were pretty much the same but for subways being underground. As for why OP took the train instead of the subway, perhaps she is claustrophobic? It's not all that uncommon to have misgivings about traveling underground.

Lots of people call a subway the train. And they are not the same. Train is just a generalization because they both travel on tracks.

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Yes? Of course they do, stop being such a pretentious wanker.

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And if you look where op lives it probably is the subway

theslimshadylp 6

I was being sarcastic kids jeez........ I know trains still exist and people do still ride them. I live in Detroit I should know this my gosh............

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It happens to everyone guys, so STFU. OP, FYL

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Oh, silly me! You are so right. I frequently spend all of my money in one place, and then promptly lose all of the items. I am so forgetful; thank you for reminding me! ;)

unknown_user5566 26

Oh, silly me! You are so right. I frequently spend all of my money in one place, and then promptly lose all of the items. I am so forgetful; thank you for reminding me! ;)

It does not happen to everyone. I doubt it happens to ANYONE. It was carelessness that OP forgot and slightly unreasonable that the whole paycheck was spent for summer clothing. OP, ydi.

5- I'm guessing it happened to you too which makes you a dumbass as well. Maybe you can meet up with OP and go shopping sometime. You can both be idiots, doesn't that sound like fun?

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#5 has a point. Some people do lose their stuff (but not everyone) FYL OP $$$$$$$ oh and #20 looks smoking hot :)

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92, the unspoken rule of FML about rating peoples attractiveness based in their profile picture, you have broken it.

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Exactly, 119. What 92 doesn't realize is that I weigh 400 lbs and have a face full of acne. See what happens when you assume, 92? Tsk tsk.

klovemachine 24

That's ok 123, I like big women too ;) ah yeah

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And you spent all the money on clothes why?

Cause she's dumb? And/ or is just a girl idk women seem to always do crazy crap like this

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This FML from a mans point of view: Today, i spent my whole paycheck on beer. I then forgot it all on the train. Joking~

Maybe she had no season specific clothing? As silly as you are OP for not being more careful I still feel bad for you. That was probably a fair bit of money, hopefully it goes to someone deserving and you learn a lesson for next time.

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Obliviously yes, just yes.

How do you leave, Im guessing quite a few, bags on the train and not notice?

GovernorGeneral 8

Also didn't anyone tell her???? Feel so bad for OP D;

Im pretty sure everybody agreed to not tell OP and they split the clothes

Omg! That is so tragic! I have nightmares of that happening! I mourning those clothes with you OP!!

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Unfortunate? Yes. Tragic? Hardly. If your worst nightmares consist of leaving a shopping bag on a train, I envy you.

Sigh...I really hope you were being sarcastic, #10

Think that people would be more careful with clothes worth their whole paycheck. YDI

How were you able to spend an ENTIRE paycheck on such luxuries? You don't appear to have your priorities right.

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I see the double-post demon has gotten to you too, this evening. I'm glad the FML app is not conspiring against only me.