By StupidApple / Wednesday 25 May 2011 00:02 /
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  klonopin_ftw  |  0

iTunes won't work without a valid credit card. hence why there's a card for his account.

  cocobulla1  |  4

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha when he finds those apps u all r talking about that is goin to b funny, today my son found apps that cost 99.99 and 89.99. when I send him to his room he buys them. 


Why buy apps for iPod/iPhone/iPad when you can get them for free by jailbreaking? It's not that hard. The son's an idiot; if i were him, I'd do some heavy damage by buying tons of microsoft points for my xbox or downloadable content for a PS3.

  awardZu  |  0

Ipod, meet blow torch. Son's ass, meet belt. Parents need to start using the same discipline we got growing up. When my girl screws up, she gets a spanking or holds a penny against the wall with her forehead (a technique I learned here). Discipline isn't abuse, don't be a pussy.


208-i dont get how jailbreaking the kids ipod is gonna do shit. my ipod is jailbroken, all it does is give you themes and other things apple wont. it wouldnt have been able to prevent the kid buying $600 worth of apps.


not really spoiled because his mom didn't let him to buy them and she found out later. he gets sent to his room also gets sent to his room hence " WHENEVER I send my son to his room" I just don't see how he is spoiled.

  killjoywannabe  |  18

Actually, it does work without a credit card. You just can't buy anything unless you have gift cards, which (as this boy is a child) makes much more sense than adding your credit card to your child's account.

  alexFYL  |  11

What's the point of sending a kid to his room anyway if he still has his ipod, his tv, and computer in there? It just turns into a no-parents mini-vacation!

  FarSide  |  22

Bust the damn iPod with a hammer. Yet another sorry ass parent raising a kid who feels "entitled".

We the tax payers will be paying for his future incarceration.

  AirsoftKY  |  0

take the iPod, break it in half in front of him, then whoop his butt, and make him work to pay everything off; and no, whooping isn't child abuse; I was whooped as a kid, and it straightened me out

  laughattack98  |  0

My friends sister was playing on a gamecube or something once and her mom said get off or I'll break it and when she checked back in she was still playing so she just got a hammer and started smashing it, lol.
She's not crazy or anything, but she never did it again. I had to share this story. xD

  157315731573  |  0

ok first she's sending him to his room, not necessarily grounding him. and who are you to judge how other people raise their kids. I'm sure in you have kids you screwed up a few times raising them too.

  jesslynx  |  6

My son spent $10 on some music for his iPod, so I changed my password &... tada! he can't even update his apps without asking me to put my password in. problem solved. & he remembers everytime why it's like that.

  chellexx  |  0

I agree. I'd take it away after $5 had been spent and not paid back. I'd also go to the settings and password protect so he couldn't buy stuff. I also wouldn't let a kid have their own iTunes account with my credit or debit card number on there and I sure as hell would not give them my pass word. iTunes always asks for a password when buying stuff on iTunes. This person deserves it because there were many ways to prevent this and they were either to stupid, careless, or lazy to take any action.

  Big_Red_138  |  3

How can OP not have noticed this? iTunes bills you and sends you an email receipt almost immediately. I'm sure they would have noticed, unless they're just too lazy.

By  BIGshooter  |  2

how old is the little bastard? time to make him pay, either hard work or beatings. if you choose beatings, use a bag of satsuma oranges they won't leave bruises but will send a message.

By  RyanX92  |  0

if that was my kid I'd just take the iPod put it on craigs list and sell his xbox or whatever too then ground them a month for every 50 bucks left to get paid off

By  armorf0r  |  7

feel lucky he hasn't found the more expensive apps. that shit would rack up way more than $600, and in a hurry to. plus everything on iTunes is non-refundable. could be worse.

  WiderWille  |  11

Not true, I'm a iOS developer and had often the problem that people got a refund from Apple just because they can't read the description. The real problem is, I have to pay the refund because Apple still takes it 30%, so I lose money in the end. FML

  WiderWille  |  11

Yes, I agree, but sometimes people don't read the description of serious apps (I have a lot of productivity and finance apps, no battery bullshit apps) and then they think it has a certain feature or does some things that it doesn't which is all clearly described in the description.

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