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Today, I got a new computer because my old one crashed, deleting all music, photos, and documents. I still had all my music on my iPod though, and went to sync it to the new computer. By accident, my younger brother pulled the cord out before it was done, deleting all 3,000 songs forever. FML
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through the apple store you can re-download your purchases up to 3 times. there's how-to's all over the internet, good luck!!

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invest in an external hard drive for backing your stuff up.


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through the apple store you can re-download your purchases up to 3 times. there's how-to's all over the internet, good luck!!

unless he didn't buy them on itunes and downloaded illegally ...

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if she downloaded all her songs illegally then it wouldn't be an FML since she really didn't pay for anything...besides, she can download everything again

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What are you new? There are things called external hard-drives. $100 for a terrabyte of memory. Oh, man. That is just so not worth all of my music being safe from computer crashes and younger siblings. If you want to be archaic about it, put your music on CD's. It's like this with phone numbers now. Facebook groups (I dropped my phone in the toilet...I need numbers!!!). Phone books! Online backup of your phone books. Put the numbers in excel. YDI for not being prepared and responsible

If she downloaded them illegally, all I can say is that this is AWESOME karma. This is why you buy things legally or are at least smart enough to back things up.

44 you're a ******* idiot. What kind of retard BUYS music?

why do you assume he downloaded all that music off of limewire or something? he could of ripped them off youtube or something. and that guy that called you a retard after your comment, hes right... retarded for assuming something he did that he might of not done.

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100 quid is a lot of money to some people. maybe te op can't afford one i know i cant.

The kind of person who isn't a **** and thinks that the bands they love should be rewarded for making their music.

hey, yeah, too bad bands signed to labels make JACK SHIT from album sales (unless they are independent artists)....up to 98% goes to the label and publishing companies...that's why artists need to tour to promote their albums, it's the only way they can actually make a ******* living from their music. if you think that you are supporting your favorite bands by buying their music, you are living in a delusion...all you are doing is supporting the corporate machine that wants to squeeze every last penny out of you.

Shit I just paid about $200 for a 320G HDD. >

Not really karma since they can just download em again. **** paying for music.

I work at Domino records so let me explain this to you: If an artist can't sell records they get dropped. They might have decent live followings, but no sales ultimately means no contract. So if you're saying that buying the music doesn't support the bands, you are sorely mistaken, dick-for-brains.

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You see this is why I buy CDs...

omggg :| that really sucks, especially if you downloaded them legally

If he downloaded them illegally...then its his damn fault, and he can go re-download them all.

You can set your iTunes to not sync automatically with the iPod. The files are still on there, and can be copied off. They're usually on there as hidden files, and can be drag & dropped back onto your hard drive. When you plug your iPod into the computer, don't sync it with iTunes, but rather go into My Computer, right click on the iPod, and hit "Explore". There's usually a hidden folder on the iPod called "iPod Control". Unhide the folder and its contents, go into it, and find the Music folder. Drag & Drop to your own computer. Done.

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Yup #17 is right. I can't believe how many people do not know this... However I don't think that works on the new ipod touches, I couldn't on mine.

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invest in an external hard drive for backing your stuff up.

if he owns an ipod classic, that's a 30 to 160 gb hard drive the only way to avoid this again, hard drive with wifi or bluetooth

i use a 1TB external hard drive so it kinda beats any ipod classic.

3000 songs can be easily acquired again via torrents in less than a week. Demonoid and µTorrent FTW **** paying for music.

Surely it shouldn't delete anything from the iPod just because it hadn't copied all the files to the computer...

It does, actually. iPods are notoriously fickle, and pulling out the cord at the wrong time can render the entire thing inaccessible.

Inaccessible maybe, but the data is still there. I don't know what the best way to fix it would be, maybe reinstalling the firmware or something, but if the files were being copied rather than moved or deleted then the data was not actually changing on the iPod itself, and is still there.