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Today, I let my friend use my computer to download some music. Now, my computer has 6 viruses and 4 songs, all of which I hate. FML
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Guess what kind of friend you have? The kind you don't need.


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Ass friends are the worst kind of friends

YDI for having friends that like bad music. YDI for having friends that are stupid enough to download 100% FREE DOWNLOAD MP3 CLICK HERE! YDI for having friends that are poor and can't afford internet or computers. YDI for deserving it.

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mhm them asses stoopid as shit

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I want some nice ass friends.

YDI for not having a Mac. THEY don't get viruses.

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#35 - They don't have viruses because using a Mac is the equivalent of using a virus infected computer using a different OS. Plus, people who write code for viruses don't see the point of infecting a bunch of hippies and the technologically impaired.

I find it funny that you would say that, considering the fact that if everyone were to switch to Mac, it would probably have more viruses that Windows will ever have, since OS X is not equipped to deal with viruses. (Which is why the few it has are especially dangerous. Yes, there actually ARE a few viruses for Macs, and as it get more popular, more and more will come. You better hope Apple screws up soon, because at the rate they're going it's only a few years until you'll have to use an anti-virus program on you Mac (since you probably don't have the common sense to know how to avoid getting viruses; we wouldn't be having this conversation if you did).

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FINALLY someone who understands technology. TechFire, you are my favorite today :D

I hate to say it, because I'm getting a mac book soon (hopefully), but the only reason macs dont need antivirus is because people don't care about them.

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It's not that they don't care, it's that they won't do as much damage to the world because they aren't as popular. As popularity increases, so do risks.

I learned how to take off just about any viruses a couple of years ago from my friend. Really in OP's case all you would need to do is restore your computer to a time before your friend ****** it up. ;)

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people that debate about macs and pcs needs to change from using the word virus to malware bc malware is the term that describes all computer related infection while virus describes 1 type of infection. macs can get malware as pcs do. viruses however have a very small amount for macs.

I hate viruses. Hope you have some Anti-Virus programs.

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Guess what kind of friend you have? The kind you don't need.

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Was it Justin Beiber and or Miley Cyrus? FYL.

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Journey songs are viruses. Did you also get Rick-rolled?

wow perdix... too far with the journey hating... your still awesome though

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Perdix, I do understand the social engineers using the greatest band ever to "pwn" unsuspecting music lovers. Getting Rick-rolled would just be salt in a wound though.

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I would definitely dynamite your friend and break his/her heart by putting a firework next to his/her computer. Also, you should let him/her know how he/she can't handle you as well as how much he/she needs you now as a friend.

Step one: Buy some anti-virus software if you don't have any. You can try to get your "friend" to pay if you want, since its partly their fault. Step two: Don't listen to the songs if you don't like them, and/or delete them. YDI. Quit whining.

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they don't need to buy an anti-virus. Free ones work best, Avast is the best av I have ever had. it's free and works great. never trust norton or mccafee they allow so many viruses and don't remove them.

I hear good things about the new Norton. Kaspersky & NOD32 are also good. McCaffee, Avast, AVG & Trend Micro are absolutely rubbish ( I work in IT so I can guarantee that from experience ). Also, check that your automatic updates is on if you're not using a pirated version of Windows

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Follow these steps: 1)Buy a Mac 2)If your friend does the same thing again, make a genius appointment at an apple store, they will fix it for free!

hackysackpro 2

63. the problem with most of the ones you mentioned is they cost money to run. why spend money on an av that has a terrible reputation even tho it may be ok now. I had kaspersky for awhile and loved it, but my comp started to slow down. I got avast and it runs fine. since I got avast 1 virus got on but came on through a PDF vaulnerability I believe. avast has stopped all virus attempts since. btw I have been using avast about a year. I also have been involved in IT, not professionally, but every comp I worked on and seen being worked on had norton avg or mccrappy. wouldn't you want an av that won't even let a virus in?

Malwarebytes, and threatfire are two free programs that I love for malware specific things like that. I am using MB exclusively now though, since they put in heuristics scan. Post Script: Macs suck. They treat users like retards and have MASSIVE security holes.

hackysackpro 2

malwarebytes is a good program. I use it not as an av but as a malware removal. my process I use to clean a comp is scan with hijackthis and fix the things needed, install update and run malwarebytes. install update and run avast. install ccleaner and delete temp files and scan registry. run hijackthis to make sure everything is fixed, then delete old restore files and create a new point. then I install a new host file to block ads, as lots of viruses come in though ads. comp should then be clean and protected. I have done this process many times and has been very successful.