By gazza - 26/05/2012 20:41 - United Kingdom - Guildford

Today, in the middle of a localised drought, and an accompanying hosepipe ban, my mother has decided that she still needs to water her lawn. To balance out the water usage, she's placed a complete ban on the use of our shower until the weather lets up. FML
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Protest by pissing on her grass, if she asks why just say you're "emptying the water cannon".

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Your mom sounds like an idiot.


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FIRST ! (here come the thumbs down)

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I thumbed you down simply because of your name. -_-

Protest by pissing on her grass, if she asks why just say you're "emptying the water cannon".

I'd protest by standing buck-naked in front of the water spray. Get a shower and water the lawn at the same time.

I feel sorry for all those Britons down south who aren't allowed to use water. Meanwhile, up north.. *cuts to a short clip of people messing around with a hosepipe*

Just 2 weeks ago we had the wettest drought ever. Get her a water butt for her next birthday, for times such as these.

I found it ironic how it rain every day for three weeks after the hose pipe ban was raised.

I work for the water company that you hve and she reeeally shouldnt use it, if the neighbours tell on her (and believe me the amount of people that call up to do would suprise you) she could get a £1000 fine! Just lettin you know :)

Alright everyone listen up. If I see another comment on this site saying "that sucks, wow, your life sucks", I will personally assassinate that individual. If you can't come up with a half-decent comment that contributes to the FML or the community, it is completely and utterly useless. Rant over, goodnight.

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Really thanks for spreading the word

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11 I would thumbs u up a jillion times if I could

11, that sucks that you hate that sucks comments. *grabs shotgun and sits at door* I'll be waiting.

Sending an electric shock through their keyboard, proportional to their number of down-votes, would be much more satisfying.

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17 - You are sadistic. What's your hourly rate and can you be over every other Saturday after ten?

I will supply, arms, ammo, and intel!! Seriously though, this is a good cause. The whole point of FML is to: a. Actually try to help the OPs or b. laugh as hard as humanly possible at the failures of others. Did you see make stupid comments on that list? Neither did I.

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Your mom sounds like an idiot.

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Op's mom is AN idiot! Lol, wow.

8 - when I read that comment, my mind uses unnecessary emphasis on the "an".

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Good job 28, i don't want you thinking too hard...

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Actually since idiot starts with a vowel then you would use "an" instead of "a"

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Oops... I ****** up... Dammit... FML :(

Report her for watering the garden then take all the showers you want while she's in jail.

Or... get arrested yourself! In jail you'll have access to a shower and I'm sure your fellow inmates will be easier to live with than your mum, just don't drop the soap.

The only issue with that is that water violation is only like a 200 fine at worst.

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Your moms stupid. Not showering is a health hazard. The lawn can always be regrown.

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Your mum definitely has her priorities sorted..

You live in the UK. I've heard it's always shitty and rainy weather there. Not too long now!

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First of all, a major water pipe broke near Surrey recently. It's still yet to be fixed so rain won't stop the hose pipe ban. Secondly, not the entire of England is constantly in 'shitty weather'. If you must know, it's actually been boiling for the last week.

I've been to the UK twice. It seemed to be constantly overcast and drizzly, except for a few days out of several weeks there. I like the weather here :-)

Went to France and England last year; France rained the entire time we were there (no matter where we were; Calaigh (sp?), Amiens, Paris...I swear that damn cloud followed us) while London and Leeds were beautiful: warm and dry. It was gorgeous. Moral of the story: stereotypes are not always completely accurate.

10 I wish that were true but it's major hot atm and when it does rain it's still not enough to sort out the water shortage. Though it would help if the council fixed like the 5 burst water pipes around my area...=_=

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...its major hot automated teller machine...

Hahaha, I've never read it that way before. (atm = at the moment in case you were genuinely confused)

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I would not want to live in your house at the moment.

18- hey you never know could be a nice place to live if op's mom was not a basket case....

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except the neighbors. they gotta watch someone, in fact probably a whole family of people, stand around naked in the sprinkler on their front lawn trying to get clean.

Make it a neighbourhood get-together party. Get to 'know your street dwellers'