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By MsGlaDos - 12/06/2013 21:45 - United States - Austin

Today, I accidentally left some music playing on my iPad, then left to do some errands. When I came back, I found it smashed into a million pieces. Apparently, grandpa couldn't find any other way to "shut off that goddamn music." FML
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tj5810 21

I wonder what song drove gramps over the edge...


excessive or not, she wouldn't have the same problem if she had a Nokia.

Isn't that how people solve their problems in Texas though?

@54 No, we tie a rope around it and drag it behind a horse. Then stone it to death.

Nokia would have made holes in the wall but the music would have been still playing just fine..

@59 Don't forget the lynching! It's the best part!

tj5810 21

I wonder what song drove gramps over the edge...

RpiesSPIES 27

Looking at OP's name, I'm guessing 'Still Alive.'

Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge, I'm trying not to loose my head.

OhDearBetrayal 25
Wizardo 33

I'm guessing it was a foreign song and grandpa was an old war veteran, needless to say grandpa has it in for the old japs and commies...

yousuck44 11

I got a jar of dirt or I'm a Barbie girl?

Instead of just asking you for help.. Yup, fyl.

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BandWagonGuy 8

Of course she's cool, **** you society.

nnnope 26

Old people and the latest technology generally do not mix well.

I imagine it is hard for older people to use such complex devices. sorry op your iPad got destroyed!

Inediblepeaches 15

My grandmother is in her late 50's and she uses her iPad everyday...

I think we were shooting for people that are actually over the age of retirement.... Not just your grandma.

Being in your fifties usually doesn't limit you from learning, both of my parents are in the 50-60 range and they play with all my gadgets after I teach them the basics.

My "Introduction to Microsoft" course is taught by an 80 year old. Let me tell ya, that old bitch knows her way around a computer.

Old people and technology. If he couldn't figure it out he could have called and asked or put it in another room.

Some older people are too stubborn to do that, and just want the device off.

amy6703 6

If it were Justin Bieber playing, my guess is the iPad would have hurled itself out a window to make it stop.

Wow. I would've been so mad. But I wonder what songs were coming out of your iPad

Girls Just want to have fun. Cindy babes...

So what, he's never heard of earplugs? FYL ...

Yakostovian 18

yes, because earplugs are readily available in a standard home setting.

Well going out and buying something to cover or plug your ears is a far better alternative than smashing someone's shit because you don't know how to turn it off.