By SomeDJ - 12/08/2009 03:34 - United States

Today, my cousin came over. I left my iPod on shuffle in the room we were in as I left to go to the bathroom. When I came back she was jamming out to "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon. She won't stop singing it and her mom is coming over to pick her up in an hour. She's 4. FML
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My dick cost a late night fee, your dick got the HIV

I love that song!


ouch. good luck with trying to get that out of her, if anything, dont keep on about it to her, she'll forget =] hopefully

yeah. he should put another, more appropriate song in her head. lol. well i guess its too late now... haha

your dick looks like gary coleman

haha i taught the kids that i babysit "i like big butts" and i had that for a ringtone for a couple months last year. it went off while my parents were in the car with me. that was awkward.

Dude! i LOVE that song. its freakin hilarious! like this fml

my dick, bigger than a jungle. your dick, got touched by your uncle

perhaps they should teach her not to grab things that aren't hers.... for instance "my dick"

hahaha maaan I got an image xD

hahaha I live that song

get another song into her head. shell keep singing that instead.

74, no offense but it's,my dick, rumble on the jungle,

Sound advice. Don't correct---distract!

I love that song!

Me too ;D

me three. and i'm a girl. after seeing H&K 2, I couldn't stop singing it lol

My dick, locked in a cage, right, yo dick, suffer from stage fright.

My dick cost a late night fee, your dick got the HIV

My dick play on the double feature screen. Yo dick went straight to DVD

my dick is like an m16, your dick a broken vending machine. love it.

my dick, bigger than a bridge; yo dick look like a little kids

My dick, large like the Chargers, The whole team, Your shit look like you're fourteen.

my dick supersize, yo dick two fries

no, my dick is like supersize, yo dick look like two fries messed it up the first time

My dick is a pussy invasion, your dick is small like an asians

Your dick, broken vending machine.

YDI for listening to that crap

I have to agree. Even tho this comment will get thumbsed down.

that's funny as hell. tell her to please stop singing it, politely but sternly.

Ahahaha a girl is saying My Dick.

10th.. or atlesst I think.... you have a shemale cousin :D congrats ::D kthxbai