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  desigirl2010  |  0

At least you he doesn't have commitment issues. Probably because he doesn't have much time left.

I like how I type everything out carefully because I'm afraid of grammar Nazis. Or maybe I'm afraid because I secretly am one. Dun dun dunnnn.

  DocBastard  |  38

Desi, don't be afraid of us. The only people we really flame are those who adamantly argue for their right to spell incorrectly, have poor syntax, and ignore punctuation.

  docbrown_fml  |  0

to all grammar Nazis: have you ever noticed that the English language is very redundant and, while it has many rules regarding sentence structure and syntax, they essentially mean nothing in the days of text messages and emoticons?

  APurpleWaffle  |  0

Yes, but then again, try handing in a report to your proffesor which determines wether you pass or fail the course, and it reads:
'Dood this wun guy waz like toaly a jackaz and he like killd a buncha pplz cuz they waz jewz LOL whut a jackazz'
Sometimes being a grammar nazi is a good thing.

And yes, I've seen people type like that in actual reports for school. It's a sad day for the world when people whom speak like that are getting into college. I understand English is the hardest language to master, but at least learn the basics. For gods' sakes, a first grader has better grammar and spelling proficiency than some adults.