By FlyAwayPlease - United Kingdom - Mold
Today, the boy that I met online six months ago and expressed my love to sent me a picture of himself and confessed how old he really was: thirteen. I'm eighteen years old and holding a steady job. FML
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By  grajax  |  24

Unfortunately, that can happen with online dating as people can use false pictures to trick you. Just be glad you found out now rather than in a few more months.

  doodlecloud  |  26

I read the FML and this comment makes perfect sense? OP fell for someone who lied about their info. Sucks but it happens. It may not have been specifically on an online dating site but that hardly matters nowadays, people forge friendships and relationships all over the internet. Fortunately they found out now rather than in a few more months. 6 months is obviously worse than a couple of weeks, but it's not as bad as being duped for 2 years, sending money, arranging marriage/flights/etc. What's the problem?

  cupcakebruh  |  21

Op could lose her job if anyone found out that she was talking to a 13 year old online, especially if she did anything sexual like saying certain things or sending pictures of herself.

  Bobby319  |  24

She can't get in trouble, unless she continues the relationship, since he lied about his age( either by omission or full out lied). She thought he was an adult, and know that she knows he isn't she can only really get in trouble if she keeps going anyway

  doodlecloud  |  26

Nah, it's pretty impressive. Boys tend to mature a bit later than girls as well. Either OP has some seriously juvenile intrests or that's a pretty damn mature and suave 13-year-old.

  deathshead  |  19

glad im not the only one who had these sort of thoughts on the matter Slothman102, although personally its because I simply viewed it as 5 years is better than 5 decades. overall 5 year difference wont mean squat

  Michaelaarnett  |  22

It really is impressive isn't it? To find someone who is that mature at the age of 13, of course, he could be faking, but if he's not and he was a bit older, I bet OP would've wanted him as a boyfriend. I'd want a girl like that.