By allwrong - 16/03/2010 10:27 - Australia

Today, after years of thinking I was weird for never being attracted to anyone, I realized that for the first time in my life I actually have a crush on someone. That 'someone' is my English teacher. He is 60. I am 18. FML
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So, you like them old and experienced?

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she sounds like a ***** because she has a crush on her teacher? that doesn't make sense.

not so cute is that said crush is on a 60 year old.....correct me if i'm wron....but thats just nasty

yeah but thn my wide wudnt be 40 years older thn me

Op, I've been there. I crushed hard on a super nerdy English prof, and I barely noticed guys my own age. Years later, when guys my own age were a lot more mature, I moved on to my own age group and had some great relationships. Now I'm happily married to a guy just 6 months older than I am. Don't worry about it too much and enjoy the crush.

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To be fair, there aren't very many mature 18 year olds, which is obvious to everyone a bit older than 18 @_@

@jiraya you have just lost the game

you should have said **** no and made him propose somewhere else. what a d-bag.

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I agree with #34 who agreed with #14 @#4 Wrong FML

lol i agree with the ppl who disagrew with number 14 ;3

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I agree with #70 who agreed with all those other people.

she prob meant that for the one about being proposed to in mcdonalds lol

i agree with 75 and 73 who agreed with 48 who agreed with 34 who agreed with 14. wrong fml

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my comments r be posted now?

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Eh, the original combo breaker goes to #75 But hell, I'll take it. With humility, and a piece of cheesecake. Thank you. Thank you.

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**** you now I lost the game too!!!! lol jkjk

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I think that one was meant for a different FML ; " Today, I was proposed to in a McDonald's. FML "

I agree with all of you, including those whose disagreed :p

haha wrong fml quote douch bag aaahhhhhh hahahaaa

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Now you know that you should go look at senior centers. May I also suggest recreational Tai-Chi?

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Danny I like your new pic. It makes me want to get a tatoo!

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Danny I like your new pic. It makes me want to lick your nipple. jk

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This is on the list of things that make you go....ewugh....

after years? you're only 18! get over it!

agreed. Years? Like 2? op - I'm sure you will be attracted to many different guys in college. Or girls, or whatever.

That's what I was thinking. Give it some time FFS! "After years of ******** on myself whenever the mood struck, I started using the toilet instead. I'm two. FML"

yes but usually the said teacher is a little bit younger

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Anna Nicole liked it that way too. See how she ended up.

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So you like mature and intelligent men as opposed to childish and retarded teenagers(most of them), there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, what I mean by that is it's more than ok that you're not attracted to every dimwit and that you're selective about who you like, not that you should go for the 60 year old. I'm sure that you'll eventually find a mature and smart boy of your age that you can fall in love with.

True, she's probebly doesn't relieze that she's attracted to his personality and intelligence then his 60 year old man body... then again she could just be into old guys, wierder things have happened...