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  drunkmunkey  |  24

he should be glad his pit didn't attack otherwise this fml would be about how they're putting his dog to sleep... it's a pet not a weapon, if he wants protection he should get a knife or a concealed carry permit, not a dog

  StantheMan93  |  12

#35 It doesn't matter if he trains his dog to be a weapon or not. I wouldn't assume the dog would be put down if it helped his owner. The owner could plead self defense.

  lifes_a_b1tch  |  7

Every dog I've ever had would have done something. The Pomeranian probably would have just barked a lot, lol, but she still would have tried to protect me. That's what loyal dogs do.

  JayGatsby  |  25

If it looks like anyone is attacking me, even if I'm just wrestling with my friends, my dog will bark and will attack on my command. A lot of dogs are usually protective of their owners, even if they haven't been adopted for very long. OP wasn't so lucky here however, so FYL OP.

  immaloser95  |  28

Dogs can be very protective over their owners. My old pug would bark and growl at anyone she didn't know, unless if I told her off. Dogs aren't meant to be used as a weapon, but sometimes, when you really need them (like OP here), a body guard can come in handy.

  countryb_cth  |  38

My mutt will bark and lunge at anyone who hits me if I say ow. In OP's situation she would sense my fear and probably attack or at the very least bark and growl.

  201chasew  |  22

There was a home invasion somewhere in Florida where the burglar ended up breaking into the guys panther cage (it was some type of large cat). The cat ended up injuring the burglar, so he sued the owner of the house for his injuries.

  liquifiednate  |  21

Also in California, a while back, a burglar robbed some dudes house. While he was in the process of breaking in through the window, he ended up falling through it and got stuck in the dudes laundry hamper. The robber ended up getting slightly hurt and sued the owner of the house for that. -_-

By  Shlalg  |  15

Today, my dog failed to live up to its breed's falsely bad reputation, which is so bad they get put down for no reason and banned from some states. Fml?

  Razi_tail  |  25

Very true 10. Even if most dogs seem protective, you can't expect an untrained animal to do something. The dogs rely on the owner for their safety and piece of mind. Getting robbed would send out all kinds of fear scents that would send dogs into fear mode quicker than attack mode.

By  BamBAmGG  |  14

You honestly can't blame your dog for not protecting you, especially if it wasn't trained to. Be happy you have such a friendly boy!(: &You should learn how to defend yourself .