By neverdrivingagain - United Kingdom
Today, I spent hours arguing with my mother, who claimed I shouldn't make a three hour drive because I wouldn't be able to concentrate for that long. I argued that I was a perfectly capable driver, and left. In the last 2 minutes of the journey, I hit a van and messed up the front of my car. FML
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By  cecinestpasunnom  |  0

Your mum was right, too. Being a capable driver is a completely different thing than having infinite supplies of concentration. Drive for an extended period of time, and you /will/ lose your focus. This is why you should take a break every now and then.

  Finnboghi  |  0

#36 - Ninja'd

But seriously, every accident I've seen first hand, the driver who caused it was a woman.

Anyways, that sucks OP, but clearly she's right.

If you don't have the experience or attention span to stay completely focused for 3 hours, you absolutely should not be driving for that long.

  Mnemic  |  5

Statistics! We need statistics!

I bet that women and older drivers make the most crashes. Followed by 18-22 year old boys who think they have total control over the car but they don't.

  jenkins56  |  5

'Studies show that woman take shorter trips and female drivers have a greater number of minor crashes than do men. However men are still 70% more likely to be in a serious crash.'

You're half right.


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