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  ladiesman14  |  0

u just ate a dead pussy, dog, or horse carcass. they use dead pets in dog and cat food. he dead animals you see on the side of the road, thats where they end up in pet food for the protein.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I hope you're trolling.

OP- Wasn't the box a dead giveaway? Or do you keep his treats in a cookie jar so he feels special, even though he probably can't tell?
Most boxes I've seen have something that makes it obvious.
But I guess now you'll have a shiny coat and stronger teeth.

  Ouroboros_fml  |  0

and people don't be dull, he's trying to relay te fact that his dog saw him eating a dry crunchy cookie, which made the same sound its treats made when it ate them, so it rally was a cookie, the dog just THOUGHT it was one of its treats. FOR SERIOUS, learn to literacy!!!! (unless they were home made dog treats, or store bought dog teats stored either in cookie packaging or a box that would suggest to the OP that they were human cookies)

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

69- For serious? Learn to literacy?

1. Literacy is not a verb.
2. For serious isn't really correct.
3. No, that's not what the FML says. Read it again, you absolute idiot, then talk about literacy.
4. I also hope you're a troll.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

OP if you really just made an fml about your dog being mad I'm going to assume you have no friends or social life. it's a damn animal boo hoo you can't pet or play with it for a day.

  nuke_o  |  0

Animals do have feelings. BTW. A dog being mad isn't the same as a human being mad. When a dog is mad he will usually shy away from you and hide or openly express it by growling. Duh.

  torontobuds  |  0

81 your so cool trying to proove people wrong with your perfect English like seriously Boone gives a flying fuck if there English is 100% correct and I believe 69 was right.

By  savemypandabear  |  0

usually animal foods and treats have a distinct smell. either you can't smell for shit or you must've been horkin down doggie treats without chewing....were they in a labrled bag? how do you not know? lmao it wasn't like 'mom decided to put dog treats in our cookie jar.' lol


Well, homemade dog treats don't really look that different from regular cookies. And they just use normal ingredients found in pretty much every kitchen, so they don't smell or taste much different either. I can see how OP would make the mistake. My question is, why are they just eating random cookies that someone left out? Didn't they consider that they might actually BELONG to someone?

  katplayer  |  4

Iunno, man, I used to have hamsters and there was this one brand of treats that was delicious. I mean, I ate them. They were cheese-flavored yogurt treats and man, they were good. I'd give one to the hammy and pop one myself. I convinced my dad and grandma to try one too, and they even agreed.