By buccaneer - 23/10/2012 16:26 - United States - Piscataway

Today, I was playing with my 2-year-old Siberian Husky, when she figured that since she couldn't get to my hand, she'd try to bite me in the genitals. She was successful. FML
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Well, dogs do love sausage.

My one year old husky likes to nibble when playing. Finally breaking him of it after months of trying. A combo of a shock collar that has a beep only setting and beeping him and putting him in his crate for a few minutes when he gets too wild. However, before breaking him, one of his favorite bite targets was my boob. Not fun. But huskies are worth the trouble. Best dogs for my personality.


Well, dogs do love sausage.

But who knows how they feel about sushi?

sioux4 17

And balls....

^ subtlety at its finest. ;)

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35- What do you mean? I don't see anything odd about what 24- Oh! Balls! I guess it went right over my head. Very subtle.

wyattshack 4

Maybe it's so subtle you don't even know what 35 is talking about

I have two Siberian husky males. One is nearly 1 year old (named Sky, he's black white and grey) and another that is 6 months (Named Spirit, whose all white). I love them to peices! They are wonderful , surprisingly smart dogs! I've had alot of my stuff destroyed due to their constant hyper activity ...including a TV remote, a table, and my screen door that leads to our back yard (I guess they got sick of not having a doggy door haha). Never in my life have they gone for my vag though ... Might want to get her some training! Petco has relatively cheap obedience classes. You should check them out!

47 - if your dogs are being that destructive they need more stimulation (whether it be mind, or exercise)

47- no one wants to read all that lol :)

Not everyone here is only capable of reading one to two sentence comments.

52 - I take them to the dog park daily. And 4/7 days a week they go walking with me in my neighborhood. They have yet to be neutered so I was assuming that was part of the problem.

59 - seems like they need to run more. Breeds like huskies need TONS of exercise and can't be trusted off leash for their recall is generally poor. They ideally could use a 10 mile run daily. (Split 5 in morning and 5 at night works best so they are tired while you are gone for the day and tired again for when you get back) Your 6mo pup might be a little too young for such long runs but the older one could use it... Also having two puppies at the same time is not recommended as it is harder to train them. It's better to get them at a 2 year difference. However as you have them already you may benefit from separated training times at least 1 hour per dog each day.

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Such cruelty. Tsk tsk

47- I before E except after C.... pieces

Check you're giving correct advice before you weigh in, neighbour. Piece is actually one of the few times the 'rule' actually works.

Sounds like your dogs need training too lol

Attack dog in training, or have you just not showered in a few days!? Its normal for a dog to bit what's in front of them if you are messing with them!

I can only imagine the pain

I hurt just thinking about it.

I'm a girl and I hurt just thinking about it too.

My one year old husky likes to nibble when playing. Finally breaking him of it after months of trying. A combo of a shock collar that has a beep only setting and beeping him and putting him in his crate for a few minutes when he gets too wild. However, before breaking him, one of his favorite bite targets was my boob. Not fun. But huskies are worth the trouble. Best dogs for my personality.

If you have to use a shock collar to train, they aren't suited for your personality, IMHO

Darn couldn't edit in time... *but very much kudos to you for actually training your dog and doing what you need to do to train it... I'm not a fan of shock collars however its not my dog so not my decision on your training methods. :-)

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I believe that 3 said she was using it for its beep only setting, but what do I know. It's just the way I comprehended it.

With dogs the beep would have to be trained as a negative noise, so the dog would have had to be shocked before to learn beep = bad. A clicker for positive reinforcement in play time and ignoring the dog entirely during unwanted play acts is another, less painful, method. But again not my dog to even know the dogs specific personality, nor do I know the owner for the best training method suited for him/her.

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She said she used the beep ad put the dog in kennel. That's the negative no hock friend

Eh possibly I may have interpreted it wrong. Just seems odd someone would buy an expensive shock collar to use the beep only setting when they could just buy a much cheaper handheld buzzer since they would need something handheld to make the beep go off anyhow for this type of training method.

I beep him he doesn't like loud noises. So no, he doesn't get shocked. The collar also has a vibration setting. He hates that as well. So no, he doesn't need the shocks.

Oh and 26, he only responded if it was right in his ear. Huskies are smart and head strong breeds. They can be a pain to train. Things that worked with my 16 and a half year old girl, don't work on him all of the time. You have to adapt for the dog. Dog training is more about training the owner then the dog. Huskies can be an evil entity until about the age of 5. Curious and full of energy. Not everyone has the patience for the breed. I love how curious then are and while I will never laugh in front if the dog, watching him test his limits can be funny. Tonight he was trying to learn why I take some branches from him and leave him alone with others. The longer ones he rams into the screen of the pool cage. Tonight he started toss smaller ones at the screen. Now he realizes that is why I take them he will stop doing it so he can keep the branches he finds.

I am considering using one of those collars on One of my dogs. Would love to get your opinion on how well they have worked for your dogs. I have two siberians - Sky (almost 1 year) and Spirit (6 months). The older one has some issues I would like to work out.

I've had good success with it. The trainer told me to don't be afraid to shock him if needed. We save it for dangerous situations. I do have a physical disability that could prevent me from getting to him in time. I have shocked my arm on all of the settings. If really doesn't hurt. While I haven't had to shock him yet, I did get him once on a low setting by accident. I'd rather him experience a second of discomfort then him getting into something he shouldn't that could kill him. Fortunately a situation like that hasn't come up, but I'd rather be prepared. He's actually a good dog for the most part, but he doesn't realize his size or strength yet. This other grew out of it quickly without any real training other then bitter apple and a squirt bottle. This one is a lot more playful. I am trying to teach him appropriate play with humans. Since I started the methods mentioned above, he has gotten a lot better. It takes time and patience to train them though. If its aggressive behavior you are trying to curb, working with a trainer is a good investment.

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I guess sick balls was taking literal. Sorry to hear it.

Who says "sick balls"? I'm only accustomed to "sick 'em" or "get the ball".

#21 I think #4 made up that saying on the spot just to be funny. Unfortunately it failed

UltimateGIRness 16

21-ever watched stand by me? It's used in that movie

Inheritance 10

Thank you 44 and also I do believe in Sandlot

I think it's "sic balls" or "sic 'em". when I first read that I was picturing vomit and was confused.

ouch, feel better OP.

Huskies are "mouthy" dogs :( Get well soon!

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Mans best friend.

Assuming your a guy, NOT IN THE LOVE NUGGETS!

That must have been a pain in the... wait, never mind.

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Next time might I suggest pants for when you're rough housing with the dog?

pants or not, it will most likely still hurt.