By insertfoothere - 18/07/2009 11:26 - United States

Today, after my son's new friend spent the night, I commented on how his hair had such a straight line in it from one ear to the other. I joked about how he must have fallen asleep with headphones on, or had bad hat hair. He informed me it was a scar from brain surgery he had when he was younger. FML
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awesomelylame 0

You didn't know. Just apologize once and that's all you can do.

He probably wasn't offended. I bet he has to explain that all the time anyway


ElliexMarie 0

Well , I mean , WHO CARES ? You didn't know . Bigg whoop .

Jojo08_fml 0

YDI for letting him spend the night at your place.

TrAnMu 0

iBimmer, you are so NOT funny with the whole "YDI for ..........." at EVERY FML. It never was funny, and it never will be funny. Please accept that.

realggirl 0

Are you calling yourself out, #15?

So? Its not like you knew. And #2 is an idiot

Agreed, this needs a "so what" button? I actually thought the whole falling asleep with headphones on was pretty funny, so kudos to you. If it really bothered the kid that much then he is the one who's life is ******.

bbobe900000 0

oh my god that's a genius idea!!!! haha hence your name lol but really. I sometimes see stuff on here and I'm like, "okay.... this isn't even a FML" really they should put that.

heavenandhell 0

dont worry he probably gets that a lot

awesomelylame 0

You didn't know. Just apologize once and that's all you can do.

nightmare22 0

I thought you were talking about am edgeup but ydi for commenting

Ouch. But you couldn't have known. So don't worry. If he gets to spend the night he'll probably think you're cool anyway.

maree_fml 0

who gives a shit. not a fml.