Fat chance

By Dave - 23/04/2012 13:22 - United States - Brookfield

Today, I left my number on my receipt for a cute waitress. As I was leaving the bar, she came running out and called me over. I obviously got excited. Turns out I'd forgotten to sign my slip. FML
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The_Troller 14

Why Must People Type Like This? I Always Read Each Word Like It's The Start Of A New Sentence. Does Anyone Else Do That?


Sixers01 0

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number! So call me maybe? Sorry.. I just had to..

Marcella1016 31

Even smoother if he said something like "Hey...couldn't wait to see me again?" while cocking an eyebrow. How embarrassing lol

It would be really funny if someone else got his number...

You should've prentended as if you didn't sign it on purpose, just to see her again ;)

I'm too distracted by the user name spicynipples to think of a snarky reply.

Spicy nipples haha I love it. I got detention legit 3 days ago for asking a teacher her opinion on nipple rings

tarabelle 7

Maybe she'll call you later(:

I hope so, what a story to tell the kids. The couple that got together over a signature. *wipes a tear* it's just so beautiful.

So kids, you want to know how I met your mother. So I walk into Hooters....

RawEndo 1

Lol she would of remember to call u for sure

69 - have*. The H isn't capitalized. Let's go.

81-You forgot: *remembered *you I'll take you both on!

And sure.* He/She forgot the full-stop after sure. Keep it coming.

94-Touché. You win this time....Cad6.... *Walks backward into shadows*

Epic grammar war ends in victory for the flaming ace

That's one way to be sure she remembers you!

Agreed, hopefully OP made a joke with her when he realized his mistake. Funny guys always get my heart!

Dante17 6

Maybe that does not evade the fact she'll call :p

Be sure to look up words before you use them, my friend.

Maybe She Needed Your Name To Put It In Her Cell

The_Troller 14

Why Must People Type Like This? I Always Read Each Word Like It's The Start Of A New Sentence. Does Anyone Else Do That?

People Think It Makes Them Look Cool.

I find it interesting that you have the people who rite lyk dis cuz dey la-z and on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the people who Waste Their Time By Writing Like This. Do people not understand that spelling, grammar and syntax exist for a reason? They aren't just to annoy you in school.

Omg wuts rong w u ppl? If u cn underst& it wuts da prob? It isnt an essay! Ugh. That physically hurt me to type. Please kill me now.

7- Maybe You Need To Stop Capitalizing Every Damn Word... Just a thought

67-Maybe you need to stop repeating things 3 people have already said. Just a thought.

hahafylop 4

Yo, Pure, you're going to need to do better than that. He's a doctor, he might be able to save himself.

96- since when were people not allowed to say something someone else has mentioned? You must feel so cool right now. What a champ...

fernclogger 5

Damn there goes the whole looking like a cool guy thing for ya.

"Forgotten" to sign it. Suuuuure. Co-stanza!