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By  BlueTwist89  |  0

Lol, my little sister thought it'd be cool to cut her hair really short(instead of giving herself bangs). She did that to herself, though. Totally sucks that she did that to YOU. I'm gonna have to say fyl and ydi for having a 4 year old :/.


Why YDI for having a child? That isn't something wrong that the OP has done. Are you just one of those people who assumes that because OP has a child that they had a teenage pregnancy? If so, then I have some advice for you: Die.


OMG, i would be so angry if a child of mind did that. Did you slap her? i would, how much hair did she cut.? Im gona disapline my child to know whats wrong and right, but at the end of the day all kids are naughty. fyl, hope its better and your hair grows back quick :) xx

By  onnielief  |  4

you left a pair of scisors in reach of a 4 year old? YDI! You went to take a nap leaving your 4 year old unattended? YDI
Oh and I hope you punished your kid for it, even 4 year ols are supposed to know not to cut someones hair

  plutosaplanet  |  0

who said the OP was napping? can mothers and fathers not sleep EVER when they have children? sometimes kids are awake when the parents are not....imagine? dont be stupid