By TimeForAHairCut - 08/06/2012 23:44 - United States - Eugene

Today, I was napping when my little brother cut off huge chunks of my hair. He thought it would turn me into the older brother he always wanted. He's 8. FML
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Well older brothers often mess with little brothers... Just do shit that will annoy him, just like he wanted.


Pretend to cut off his weewee, and tell him you always wanted a little sister.

NEVER joke about cutting off a man's penis

I can mess around with my guy friends enough to joke about this but I'd never want to say it to a little boy!

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i'm sorry op, that's really not nice.

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Takes awhile to grow... Like months.

18- who did you tell to shut up? I think a little specification is on order if you're going to be rude.

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So 18 was telling him/herself to shut up?

Yes, 3, because I'm sure your initial reaction to waking up with a fistful of hair missing from your scalp would not be one of anger or "WTF's", but "Meh, It's just hair. It'll grow back." :/

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LMAO you got -52 for this hash xD

#18, take your own advice, with that disgusting duck face you're making.

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Hair growth is different for everybody. It takes my mom forever to grow out her hair. I got four inches cut off around November, and now my hair looks how it did back then.

Well older brothers often mess with little brothers... Just do shit that will annoy him, just like he wanted.

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45- 4 knows that hes saying to act like a big brother and do stuff to annoy the little brother

I truly believe younger siblings are the devil in disguise

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Older brothers often beat the crap out of younger brothers for fun. I'm sure you could fill that role very nicely at this point.

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Keep an eye on your brother and what he cuts off, for all you know he might of wanted a sister...

But, OP's brother already has a sister... Y'know, good old OP?

I think 7 thought that op was a guy with long hair, but his younger brother obviously didn't agree with his appearance. he wasn't manly enough... easy mistake to make if you don't concentrate. op (is obviously a girl) but has left the gender out from the profile so it only adds to peoples mistakes :)

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duct tape it back together. No one will ever notice.

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My sister once did something similar to one of her Barbies, after our dad took forever to get her a Ken doll... When I asked her about it, she said she'd picked the ugliest one. I still have no idea what the heck she means by that--all those ******* dolls looked the same.

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No. It's not. He/She was talking about Barbie and Ken dolls. Not some crappy ebook.

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Wow... If she doesn't know what a ken doll is cause she grew up in the E-generation... She's too young for you bro!!!

Judging by your profile picture, I can probably tell that #19 has never heard of a Barbie doll in her life.

A hairless Barbie made me think of Cynthia from Rugrats

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LOL 19 Now that made me laugh. And Ken doll is correct.